Sunday, January 29th, 2023
Sunday, January 29th, 2023

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State Requirement for Transporting Geese Adjusted for North Dakota

North Dakota goose hunters should take note of an exception made to state identification requirements for transporting geese when processed by commercial processors who comply with state and federal requirements.

Robert Timian, State Game and Fish Department chief of enforcement, said hunters taking geese to commercial processors must follow the same procedure as before. The only change is commercial processors can now remove the identification component of the goose prior to reaching the hunter’s legal residence.

“All federal requirements of tagging and record keeping for both the hunter and the processor remain the same,” Timian said. “In addition, nothing changes for the person who takes geese home to clean.”

This applies to both the early Canada goose and regular goose seasons. It does not apply for ducks. “The processors were in agreement with us to treat this as a pilot program on only geese and gauge how it works this year,” Timian said. “We might expand it to other species in the future.”

Processed geese are still subject to daily and possession limit regulations, and may be transported when accompanied by a copy of the record provided by the processor.

Prior to this year, one fully feathered wing or the fully feathered head of all waterfowl had to remain attached during transportation or shipment until it reached the hunter’s legal residence or was processed for immediate consumption.

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