Wednesday, February 8th, 2023
Wednesday, February 8th, 2023

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‘Rut Predictor’ calls for a great bow season

Keri ButtAs I opened up my 2012 Whitetail Calendar, put out by Deer and Deer Hunting Magazine, and began counting the days until Illinois’ archery season, I stopped short. As I write, there are only 50-some days left until Oct. 1, a day that is sacred, a day in my calendar year that begins my number one rule for my children that will remain in place for the next three and a half months; “Unless you’re bleeding or barfing, don’t call mommy when she’s in the deer woods.” –

It’s almost bow season in Illinois!

What better way to get amped than discussing the most fantastic time of the year, that every hunter dreams about all pre-season long, the Rut. The 2012 rut prediction is dictated by Wayne Laroche, and Charlie Alsheimer, two of the most respected and intelligent men in the industry. In my opinion, Laroche’s well tested “Whitetail Rut Predictor,” coupled with Alsheimer’s intense and long-time research on the whitetail deer is spot on every year.

The great thing about Laroche and Alsheimer’s “Whitetail Rut Predictor,” is that it helps to put the predictable in the unpredictable, especially for the population of hunters who schedule their vacations from work around deer season.

Being able to plan accordingly where timing and strategy are concerned can ultimately enhance your chances for success.

What is the Rut Predictor?

Laroche’s rut predictor is based on a foundation that connects cyclical (recurring) changes in the earth’s lunar illumination to a whitetail’s reproductive cycle.  He believes that sunlight and moonlight give off environmental prompts that set breeding activity into motion.

*Read Wayne Laroche’s complete rut predictor forecast in the Aug. 10 issue of Illinois Outdoor News*


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