"Fishing Getaway" has another successful Rend Lake visit

Shane MalawyThe United Special Sportsman Alliance recently rolled in to southern Illinois with a convoy of 12 families, 23 children and 18 anglers for its 7th annual “fishing getaway" at Rend Lake.

The USSA is the largest "dream-wish-granting" fishing and hunting charity in the U.S., according to founder and C.E.O. Brigid O’Donoghue.

The USSA, along with anglers from Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee and Georgia , set out to bring some normalcy, not to mention a few fish, to children with disabilities or life-threatening illnesses during the two day event at Rend Lake. The organization focuses on granting hunting and fishing dreams to children and Veterans with disabilities or life-threatening illnesses that may otherwise not be able to enjoy the great outdoors because of their illness or disability. The USSA historically grants 100 wishes per year in Illinois.

Read the entire story in an upcoming issue of the Illinois Outdoor News.

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