Steelhead run winding down in northeast Ohio – Southeast Report

Piedmont Lake (Belmont County)

Saugeye fishing is usually excellent this time of year. Shore and boat anglers both seem to like the area near the dam; try jig and minnows fished six to eight feet deep using a slip bobber. You can also try trolling jigs and minnows or Rooster Tails tipped with a worm over the rock point across from the Reynolds Road boat ramp. Largemouth bass fishing can also be quite successful; try casting spinner baits, crankbaits and three- to four-inch soft plastic baits that include colors like pumpkinseed and watermelon in shallow areas that are rocky or provide good woody cover.

Lake White (Pike County)

As the temperatures warm back up, anglers can expect good catches of bluegills in the 333-acre lake. A simple worm fished under a bobber in two feet of water in the cove area should be successful. Channel catfish can also be found by fishing worms and cut bait on the bottom. The area near the park office has been a hot spot in recent years.

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