Crossbow legislation lingers in Springfield for another day

Ralph LoosTo crossbow or not to crossbow? That's another question for another day.

Today, the question is more about the future of a proposal that angers many of the state's bowhunters while exciting hunters who are unable to master the bow and arrow.

Legislation that would open up crossbow hunting in Illinois is still lingering as the legislature begins its business today. House Bill 4819, which proposes lifting current regulations that restrict crossbow use to disabled hunters and those age 62 and over, was expected to be passed on Thursday.

But instead the bill was sent to the Assignments committee, after an amendment was filed with sponsor Gary Forby, D-Benton. Details of that amendment were being sorted out today.

HB 4819 passed out of the House and into the Senate in late March. It was passed by the Agriculture and Conservation Committee on May 8.

If passed as is, the law would implement crossbow hunting into portions of the archery season. The proposal is being fought by bowhunter groups in the state, who feel that allowing more liberal crossbow seasons would damage the integrity of traditional bowhunting.

Stay tuned.

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