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Crappie activity has been spotty, with a spurt of activity during the evening in two to five feet at lakes Ida, Miltona, Le Homme Dieu, Latoka, and Carlos. Sunfish have been in shallow areas in better numbers throughout the day. Turkey hunting continues to be good, highlighted by two toms that weighed 25 pounds this week.
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Anglers are finding some crappies and sunfish in four to eight feet when the sun is out for a few hours. Look to Fish Lake, Clitherall Lake, the channel on Wall Lake, and East Lost Lake. On Dead Lake, waxworms are producing sunfish in three to six feet.
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Crappies and sunfish continue to be found in four feet out to 12 feet depending on the weather each day. Look shallow when the sun is out and deeper on cloudy or windy days. Lakes such as Severson, Sallie, Melissa, Big Detroit, Shell, and Deadshot Bay have produced the most panfish.
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When the sun is out, Fish Hook Lake and Long Lake are producing crappies on small jigs and minnows for shore anglers. Deeper pockets of the Straight River are producing brown trout on split shots and nightcrawlers, Rooster Tails, or spinners. Turkey hunters are doing well, especially compared to last year.
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When the weather is favorable, crappies and sunfish are in six to eight feet. Minnows or waxworms on small jigs have worked best at Big Pine Lake, Little McDonald Lake, and Rush Lake. Look for these fish to move even shallower as the water continues to warm.
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