New Ground Blinds for Deer and Turkey Hunting

The popularity of ground blinds has been on the rise for several years, and for good reason. Getting eye-to-eye with a mature buck or a wise old gobbler can really get the heart pumping. Plus, they’re simply great tools to use when no viable tree worthy of a stand or sufficient ground coverage is available within shooting distance of game.

This year, hunting manufacturers have taken note of the popularity and wisely designed blinds laden with hunter-friendly features to give us the best odds of being successful on terra firma. If you’re in the market for a new ground blind, check out these new or improved models for 2012; you’re sure to find one that meets your needs.

Barronett Bell Bottom

At just 19 pounds, this ground blind is feature-laden for all hunters, but it’s especially designed with archers and crossbow hunters in mind. Sporting Bloodtrail camo, the Bell Bottom is well-suited for one or two hunters thanks to its generous dimensions of 67 inches high, 87 inches wide and 87 inches long, which is accomplished with a footprint of only 76 by 76 inches – meaning it sets up in tighter locations just fine. It also allows bowhunters to sit further back in the blind, giving more drawing room and concealment.

There are 12 replaceable mesh windows set up in a five-panel design. The engineers did this to allow vertical and horizontal shot openings that can be adjusted to meet any type of hunting situation. And, Barronett’s engineers didn’t stop the window treatments there; in fact, they created windows that dip low for angled shots, giving archers that needed arrow clearance to seal the deal.

Rhino Cut & Run

Turkey hunters who favor the “run and gun” style of gobbler chasing will appreciate Rhino’s Cut & Run two-panel blind. Designed for rapid deployment, this blind adapts to a variety of turkey hunting scenarios, with width adjustments up to 108 inches and a purposeful 54-inch height to provide sufficient cover.

With five shooting windows per panel, hunters are sure to have a clear view while keeping their location unknown. The quiet hook and loop latches on each window allow users to adjust for the height differences of sitting on a stool or on the ground. Wind flap is eliminated with simple-to-use stakes.

The portability factor is another big plus for the Cut & Run; weighing in at a mere five pounds lets hunters pick up and move with ease to get to where they need to be.

Primos Double Bull

Double-Wide Door

The recent trend of increasing ground blind size hasn’t resulted in easier access – until now. Double Bull has solved that problem with the introduction of the Double-Wide Door model, which offers a roomy access of 4.5 feet by 29 inches to enter quietly and undetected. Zippers were eliminated and replaced by a pull strap.
The Double-Wide has 180-degree full-front viewing with Silent Slide window adjustments. Wind flap is combatted by the Power Hub Framework to tighten the cotton/poly canvas.

Overall dimensions are 60 inches long, 60 inches wide and 67 inches high, making it useful for one or two hunters. Blackout interior allows hunters to stay in the shadows and remain unnoticed by game. And, if on the small chance you do ever encounter a problem with your blind, Primos offers a lifetime warranty.

KillZone Turret XL

Sporting a hub-to-hub measurement of 72 inches by 72 inches and a 66-inch center height, the Turret XL gives hunters all the room they need to hunt effectively and remain concealed. For a blind of its size, many are surprised to learn that it weighs only 14 pounds, making it a smart choice for those who need sufficient cover and for those who like to travel light when trekking through the woods.

Lightweight steel hubs and fiberglass pole construction helps the hunter set up efficiently and with little noise.

The Turret XL features four full-view windows with shade-style mesh and seven slot windows that have removable, shoot-through mesh. An added triangle roof hatch provides yet another shooting option. The blind fabric is made of durable polyester and fends off the elements with a water repellant finish. The interior is blacked-out and new exterior camo options for 2012 include Open Woods by Hunting Attractions.

Ameristep Gunner

This new blind from Ameristep will big another big hit with the fast-action turkey hunting crowd. Gun use, portability, speed, and quality seclusion were the focus behind the Gunner’s design features.

The Gunner is deployed in mere seconds to ensure a quick setup in the critical moments when you encounter a fast-closing gobbler. Ameristep achieves this through its durable spring steel frame architecture. The blind features Tangle 2.0 camo to blend into the woods, with windows cut and placed for proper gun placement.

Ameristep purposely leaned out this blind. The complete backpack carrying bag, along with blind, folds down to a mere 23 inches diameter and only 2 inches thick. With a total weight of just 4.5 pounds, the Gunner will be easy to tote throughout the spring woods. Simple-to-use stakes and high-wind tie-downs make this blind strong enough to withstand the elements.

GhostBlind Runner

Stepping away from the traditional cloth and fabric hiding, the GhostBlind Runner uses mirrors to block your presence. The six-panel polypropylene mirrors help hunters to disappear by reflecting the natural surroundings. Unwanted sun glare and animal reflections are eliminated because of the Runner’s ability to reflect light down toward the ground. With a 98-inch width and 26-inch height coverage area when expanded, it’s perfectly sized for gun, crossbow, or archery shooting. Tent stakes and tie-downs keep the blind upright and steady.

The Runner is purpose-built for on-the-move hunters who like to sit on the ground, making it ideal for turkey, deer, or even predator hunting. A light carry weight of 8 pounds and quick setup and takedown make this blind a natural fit for running and gunning. The folded blind measures a small 26 inches by 16.5 inches and can be carried by the included strap or by many of the attachments available in today’s hunting vests.

Summit Run-N-Gun Predator

The newest offering from Summit is sure to intrigue many hunters based on its unique features and ultra-portability. The large open-front design gives hunters the ultimate in viewing opportunities while keeping their actions such as calling, rattling, or aiming hidden from view because of the camouflaged mesh. Side mesh windows also allow hunters to keep watch on their peripherals.

The entire blind is draped in versatile Realtree Max-1 camo and has leafy material on its borders and frame to break up its outline in the woods or brushy fields. Additional brush loops are spaced out to hold cut vegetation from the local hunting area.

Summit’s Run-N-Gun Predator Blind tips the scales at an impressively light 3.5 pounds, making it almost a non-factor when moving quickly through the woods in search of game. Setup is done in seconds and provides sufficient coverage of 32 inches wide by 32 inches long x 44.5 inches high.

Hunter’s Specialties PrimeTime

Full 360-degree visibility, ample room, and customizable seclusion are the name of the game with the PrimeTime. This hub blind expands out to a 76-inch width by 76-inch length and 69-inch high interior to fit up to two hunters comfortably and shoot a bow without difficulty. A roomy and zippered arched doorway lets hunters and their gear enter and exit quietly.

Shoot-through mesh windows span all four sides of the blind to give hunters the option of complete visibility. Split window coverings can be dropped down and secured so that hunters have precisely the perfect amount of shootable mesh for their particular hunting set. When paired with its interior black-out panels and overall room, the PrimeTime lets hunters make the motions necessary to get the shot off with sufficient window clearance – all without being noticed.

Exterior Realtree AP camo helps blend the blind into the elements and sewn loops can be filled with natural brush for added concealment. Eight tie-down stakes and four ropes anchor the PrimeTime to the ground to survive any type of weather.

Shadow Hunter

Octagon Series

Designed for corner-to-corner archery shooting, these rodent-proof, aluminum exterior blinds come standard with corner archery windows, insulated walls and a carpeted floor. Three different models of Octagon Blinds include archery blinds, gun/archery blinds, and a crossbow blind. The corner windows blinds give hunters numerous shooting angles. All windows in every Shadow Hunter blind include an inside plexiglass window as well as an exterior shield. A wheelchair accessible model offers a wide door with a window height adjusted to your specifications.


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