Arizona public is invited to a March 22 discussion on the future of hunting, fishing and wildlife management

PHOENIX – Sportsmen/women, wildlife enthusiasts, and other members of the public are invited to a meeting on Thursday, March 22, 6-9 p.m. at the Arizona Game and Fish Department at 5000 W. Carefree Highway in Phoenix, to discuss how constituents can best unite and work together on issues and challenges affecting the future of hunting, fishing and Arizona's wildlife.

In response to a number of questions asked by constituents, below is some additional information:

Why is the meeting being held?
The meeting was called for by action of the Arizona Game and Fish Commission at its Jan. 25 meeting, due to the recent debate over important issues related to hunting, fishing and wildlife management. The Commission asked Kurt Davis, a member of the Commission, to chair an ad hoc group that will explore ways to unite stakeholders in working together in a positive manner on important issues.

It is important to note that this meeting is designed as an opportunity for attendees to provide their thoughts or ask questions on how to build a broad coalition to work positively on areas of agreement on important issues, and what that process or structure might look like. It is not the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s or the Commission’s meeting, although the Department is hosting it and Commissioner Davis is chairing it. The meeting participants will be the ones to provide input and decide if and how to proceed going forward.

Who should attend?

The meeting is open to everyone—those who belong to organized groups and those who are unaffiliated. The ad hoc committee was originally given a working title of “Sportsmen’s Constituent Group”, as many of the issues are of prime importance to sportsmen/women, America’s original conservationists. But all are welcome to attend and provide input, as this meeting is to hear from and honor all who love and care for our wildlife resources.

Is there an agenda for the meeting?

An agenda will be posted on the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s website early next week.

What are the different ways I can view the meeting?

The public has the option of either attending the meeting in Phoenix, viewing it via video stream at one of the six Game and Fish regional offices throughout the state, or viewing it over the web at

How can I provide input or ask questions?

Those who would like to submit comments or questions during the meeting can fill out a blue slip at the Phoenix meeting or from the Game and Fish regional offices. Those viewing the meeting via the webcast will be able to submit comments via the Internet. More details will be made available next week. Please note that, due to time constraints, not all comments may be addressed during the meeting, but all will be saved and noted.

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