Purchased trout eggs prove to be right recipe

London, Ohio – Purchasing rainbow trout eggs from a commercial
hatchery in Washington state is providing positive results for the
Ohio DNR, according to Doug Sweet, superintendent of the London
State Fish Hatchery.

Nearly 100 percent of the 50,000 rainbow trout eggs purchased in
December from Troutlodge of Orting, Wash., hatched successfully,
Sweet said.

Those 50,000 fry are now about an inch long and feeding heartily
in the hatchery’s indoor troughs.

Come early spring, technicians will move those fry to London’s
outdoor raceways. By the spring of 2013, the rainbows will be
catchable size and ready for stocking in dozens of waterways around
the state.

Fisheries managers began phasing out London’s brood stock of
rainbow trout three years ago, believing it was more cost effective
to raise fish from eggs purchased out of state. Thus far, the move
has proved a smart one, Sweet said.

“When you buy (commercial) eggs, they’ve been sorted and
culled,” Sweet said. “All the bad eggs have already been sorted

London fish technicians are also raising a new generation of
brown trout.

The state bought 98,000 brown trout eggs from the federal
hatchery at Saratoga, Wyo., in November and December. About 80,000
hatched and are now feeding in the indoor troughs, Sweet said.

Those brown trout are headed for the Mad River, Clear Fork and
Clear Creek in the fall of 2012.

How long the state will continue to stock brown trout in those
streams remains in question, Sweet said.

He noted biologists at the Hebron State Fish Hatchery are
conducting water temperature studies of all three waterways to
determine their continuing viability as brown trout habitat.

Sweet said the Mad River continues to be cold enough for brown
trout survival. However, both Clear Creek and Clear Fork are
questionable – especially the lower reaches of the Clear Fork.

Preliminary tests show Clear Creek and Clear Fork are growing
warmer, Sweet said.

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