Saturday, February 4th, 2023
Saturday, February 4th, 2023

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But I don’t Want to Stop!

This time of year the cold north winds blow and it seems that
everyone has hard water on his or her minds. Hard water is fun, but
I would rather put it in my cooler to keep my lunch cool as I
worked the deep weedline in search of a trophy of a fish.

Too often people give up on the open water this time of year and
wait ever so impatiently for the ice to form. Even the tackle shops
have had their ice gear out for over a month now. It seems like as
soon as November 1st comes around the boats are put away and all
the long rods meet their winter resting place.

I refuse to let the draw of the ice fill my veins. If there is
open water then I am going to fish it. Open water in the fall and
even into the winter is some prime fishing opportunity for some big
fish. It is Trophy fish time.

The great lakes can offer up some awesome opportunities for
Trout and Walleye. All are within a boater or shore fisherman’s
reach. If you can stand a little cold wind, some snow flakes and a
shower or two then don’t let this time of year go wasted.

It’s time to throw on that extra layer of clothes, grab the hand
warmers, and pick up some bait and head out to find some open
water. Whether it is a river or lake, take your pick. You can’t
catch a fish sitting in your easy chair flipping through the

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to hang up the long rods.
It’s not time to stop fishing open water; it’s time to start
fishing it harder.


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