Gonna Get My Duck On, Texas Style!

As hard as it is to remove my ever-spinning thoughts off of deer season and the upcoming 2011 rut, which is supposed to be a sizzling nine days for deer hunters everywhere, I have to remember that this year I'll be missing the last few days of the pre-rut. Fortunately, and yet strangely, I'm thrilled at the prospect.

Typically, should someone or something come between me and my treestands between October 15 and December 1, it's likely that they're not going to do so without encountering problems. Heck, even my poor kids know the rule: "Unless you're bleeding or barfing, don't call mommy when she's in the deer woods." But, this year my leave of absence is a good thing. Well, maybe not for the ducks flying across the gulf in Texas!

Thanks to an awesome group of ladies from the W.O.M.A, (Women's Outdoor Media Association, which is an organization I'm a member of) and a generous sponsorship from Ducks Unlimited, I will be headed down to Bay Flats Lodge in Seadrift, Texas on November 7 to meet up with a select group of other women in the outdoor media including my friend, and fellow Outdoor News writer, Kristen Monroe.

Since duck season in Illinois coincides with deer season, which is my sole purpose for waking up each morning, along with the fact that northern Illinois isn't exactly waterfowl central, I'm headed to the Lone Star state as a duck hunting rookie. For some peculiar reason I have an image in my head of huge duck flocks flying overhead pointing their wings at me as they chortle some sort of odd quack-like laugh.

That's why I'm asking for advice from confident waterfowl hunters. Perhaps asking for advice isn't exactly what I meant. Pleading would be more like it. I encourage any and all readers to send some good advice this duck hunting rookie's way as it would be much appreciated.

I'll be sure and post the hopefully exciting details of our hunt when I get back. Of course it may be a bit delayed. See, I'll get home around midnight on November 9, and the inferno we deer/big game hunters call the rut, is expected to ignite hot and heavy on November 10. I guess sometimes you can have your back straps and eat them too!


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