IL: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 20

Region I

A District 1 CPO investigated a complaint of an individual keeping
wild turkeys in an enclosed pen in his back yard. Upon arrival the
officer could plainly see an enclosed pen housing six wild turkeys
in the back yard. The owner of the property stated he caught them
in his back yard and was planning on either eating them or raising
them and releasing them this fall. The man was charged with
multiple counts of unlawfully retaining species alive and given a
mandatory court date. The turkeys were released.

While checking fishermen at the Castle Rock State Park boat ramp, a
District 1 CPO observed a female subject with a line tied around a
stick. As the CPO approached, the subject dropped the stick and sat
down. When asked for a license, the subject said she wasn’t
fishing. When asked about the stick and string, the subject then
acted as if she did not speak English. The CPO located the fishing
device and issued a citation for fishing without a license.

A CPO ticketed a Utica woman for using her phone to text while
driving, improper lane usage and operation of the vehicle without
insurance after she crossed the center line and nearly collided
head-on with officers.

A CPO ticketed seven Chicago men for snagging in the Illinois River
at Starved Rock State Park.

A CPO was on marked uniform boat patrol on Candlewick Association
Lake in Boone County where he inspected personal watercraft and
open motorboats. In a three-hour period on the lake, fire
extinguisher, battery cover(s), PFD (personal flotation device), no
boat trailer registration and fishing license violations were
documented. In all, three arrest citations and nine written
warnings were issued.

A CPO noticed a truck that was pulling a boat quickly leave the
parking lot of Illini State Park. The boat trailer did not have a
license plate or tail lights and was not strapped down. The CPO
initiated a traffic stop and approached the driver. As the CPO
approached the vehicle, he noticed that there were five occupants
in the vehicle. The CPO detected the odor of cannabis and asked the
driver to exit the vehicle. The driver admitted that he had a small
amount of marijuana in his pants in the truck. As the driver
retrieved the marijuana, the CPO observed a beverage in the cup
holder with a piece of celery sticking out of it. The front seat
passenger admitted it was his Bloody Mary. The right rear passenger
also had a Bloody Mary and open beer in his possession. Both drinks
were seized. As the CPO opened the back door, he noticed the left
rear passenger had an open beer. The left rear passenger knew the
vehicle was going to be searched and informed the officer that he
had a small amount of marijuana in a cigarette box in the front
seat. Numerous citations were issued, and the truck, boat, and
trailer were towed from the scene.

CPOs assisted United States Coast Guard and Corps of Engineers in a
security detail at a world record attempt of canoes and kayaks
joined together. The event started at 8:45 a.m. in Mississippi
River Pool 15 in Moline. Hundreds of canoes and kayaks headed down
stream to Pool 16 Sunset Marina in Rock Island. All the canoes and
kayaks joined together for the second year in a row to attempt a
world record for the most canoes and kayaks floating joined
together. Alcohol consumption by participants created several
problems again this year. Multiple subjects had to be rescued by
patrol boats. One subject riding in a boat fell out due to severe
intoxication. His blood-alcohol concentration was 0.200 percent.
This subject was transported to Sunset Marina where he then got in
a fist fight with a family member and was arrested for domestic
battery. DNR will recommend to event organizers they put an alcohol
ban in place for any further attempts. This year’s attempt fell
short of the record by about 400 canoes/kayaks.

A Rockford-area CPO was on marked uniform boat patrol when he
observed an older model pontoon boat absent of any 3-inch
registration numbering on the bow. He also observed the operator
standing behind the helm continually leaving control of the vessel
and moving about the boat while talking to the passengers  – while
the boat remained in gear. In addition to the registration and
lanyard violations, the inspection revealed the owner/operator of
the boat placed valid registration decals from a separate craft on
this particular boat, both batteries were not covered or secured to
the hull as required and they were short two wearable PFDs.

While patrolling near Port Louisa Refuge, a CPO passed two
vehicles. A passenger in one of the vehicles appeared to hide
something as they passed. Following the vehicles into one of the
access areas, the CPO questioned the subjects about what they were
hiding. The passenger was cited for illegal transportation of open
alcohol and arrested for being wanted on a warrant in Warren

A CPO received information from an Iowa DNR sergeant, who had
recovered a hoop net from the Mississippi River containing dead
turtles. Following up on the information/evidence received from the
sergeant, the CPO interviewed the illegal fisherman from Iowa. The
fisherman advised he had forgotten about the net and was cited for
failure to check it. Civil penalties were assessed for the dead

Region II

A CPO responded to a complaint taken by the McHenry County Sheriff
of a subject with 15 poles and a large basket of fish at the
Algonquin Dam on the Fox River. When the CPO arrived, that subject
was gone but two other subjects were observed snagging below the
dam. The CPO observed for about 45 minutes, then approached and
found the subjects to be in possession of a 17-inch smallmouth
bass. Appropriate enforcement action was taken, and the poles were

A CPO arrested a subject in Illinois Beach State Park for
possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams and drug

A CPO is investigating a burglary to motor vehicle which occurred
at Moraine Hills State Park. The victim left his wallet in the
console of his open Jeep Wrangler. The offender took the wallet
which contained $100 cash, two personal checks, a credit card, two
debit cards, his Driver’s License and Social Security card. The
offender then went on a spending spree, withdrawing over $1,500
from the bank, and several hundred dollars in purchases at the BP
station in Wauconda and Kohl’s and Walmart stores in Lake Zurich.
The CPO obtained the security camera footage from the three retail
locations, and the Wauconda Police put out a Critical Reach message
on our behalf to the local departments.

A CPO arrested a subject at the Chain O’ Lakes State Park boat ramp
for operation of a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol.
The subject submitted to chemical testing resulting with a BAC of
0.164. A search incident to arrest resulted with an additional
charge of possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams, after finding
a small plastic pill bottle of cannabis in the subject’s

A CPO arrested a subject at the Chain O’ Lakes State Park for
possession of alcohol in a posted restricted area, possession of
cannabis less than 2.5 grams, and possession of drug

Region III

A CPO stopped a Marshall man riding an ATV riding on the roadway on
Route 1 in Marshall. The man had a suspended driver’s license. The
CPO arrested the man and took him to the Clark County Jail where he
was cited for operation of ATV on roadway and driving while license

A CPO stopped a Pana man in Shelby County while on a DUI Grant
detail. The man was weaving while driving a motorcycle. The man was
arrested for DUI and had a 0.107 BAC.

A district sergeant, while on a DUI Grant detail, stopped a Decatur
man in Wolf Creek State Park for failing to signal to turn twice
and no registration on a trailer. The subject was in possession of
drug paraphernalia and cannabis. The man admitted to smoking
cannabis. The man was arrested for DUI drugs, failure to signal, no
valid registration, no insurance, possession of drug paraphernalia
and not more than 2.5 grams of cannabis. The man submitted to a DUI
urine test with the results pending.

A district sergeant, along with CPOs, responded to an access area
at Clinton Lake where visitors discovered a deceased man. An
investigation into the death is being completed. Foul play is not

Region IV

No reports.

Region V

CPOs assisted the Illinois State Police and Williamson County
Sheriff’s Office with a manhunt in the Hurst area. A subject who
was involved in a domestic dispute ran from an ISP master sergeant
after crashing his vehicle. The subject was last seen wearing
checkered shorts only, running into a large cornfield. CPOs used
four-wheel drive trucks and a department ATV to look for this
subject. The subject was not located during this search.

A CPO, while issuing a written warning to a fisherman on Campus
Lake at SIU-Carbondale, determined he was wanted on a warrant. The
subject was wanted for failure to appear on a delivery of cannabis
charge in Perry County.

A CPO is currently investigating two timber cases in Union and
Alexander counties.

A CPO responded to a Pulaski County incident where a subject had
shot at a deputy with a shotgun, and shot out a tractor cab window
while there was a guy driving it. He then was in a standoff with
police in his home before being talked out of the residence

A CPO arrested two DuQuoin hunters for hunting without permission
of the landowner in Perry County.

CPOs were requested to assist State Police District 22 with the
search of an escapee from the Dixon Springs Correctional Facility.
ATVs were used to aid in the search of the suspect.

A CPO conducted two boat title and registration

A CPO responded and investigated a fish dealer that mostly produces
crickets and worms. While some paperwork violations were found, the
company was shown the proper paperwork they needed.

A CPO is investigating the theft of four boats that were stolen
from Lake Murphysboro State Park. The boats were used as rentals on
Lake Murphysboro. The case is under investigation.

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