Saturday, January 28th, 2023
Saturday, January 28th, 2023

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Support by American Public of Right to Hunt Remains Strong

A new study commissioned by the National Shooting Sports
Foundation (NSSF) reports that the vast majority of Americans still
support the right to hunt and practice target shooting.

The scientific telephone survey of adults was conducted in early
September by Responsive Management.

Three-fourths of survey respondents (74 percent) said they
approved of hunting, a level of support that has not varied by more
than a few percentage points since 1995. “The numbers have been
consistent over the past two decades,” said Mark Damian Duda,
executive director of Responsive Management.

The new study asked about the right to hunt, something that has
not been included in previous surveys. Regardless of whether they
hunt themselves, 94 percent saying it’s “OK for other people to
hunt if they do so legally and in accordance with hunting laws and
regulations.” Four percent of respondents wanted to strip citizens
of the right to hunt.

The survey also revealed the public is strongly supportive of
target shooting, with 93 percent indicating that target shooting is

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