IL: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 19

Region I

A district sergeant completed a deer poaching investigation that
began in January 2010 in Mercer County. The investigation stemmed
from information obtained from anonymous citizens and an anonymous
call to the TIPS Hotline. Four offenders were arrested at the
conclusion of the investigation. Through the investigation, the
illegal taking/possession of 28 deer, rabbits, raccoons, a great
blue heron, and a wild turkey were documented. These offenses
occurred from October 2007 through January 2010. The primary
offender took animals out of season, from a vehicle, with rifles,
without permits, and with the use and aid of lights at night. Many
of the deer he poached went to waste and/ or was utilized in bait
piles to hunt coyotes. He utilized fraudulent landowner deer
permits and his father’s landowner deer permits. Parts of 11 deer,
processed deer meat, hunting and processing equipment, and six
firearms were seized.

While a district sergeant was conducting watercraft inspections for
subjects in need of watercraft registration, a subject pulled into
the park with a 12-foot Jon boat in the bed of his truck. He seemed
nervous and appeared to be in a hurry. A check of his driver’s
license indicated his driver’s license was revoked for DUI. The
subject acknowledged he knew he was going to an inspection with a
CPO. He also acknowledged he knew he was revoked. He was issued a
citation for his violation and a “passing” inspection sheet for his
watercraft. The second watercraft owner in line for an inspection
stated he didn’t know he was going to be fingerprinted for a
watercraft registration. He was advised as long as he had a valid
driver’s license, fingerprinting would not be a requirement.

A district sergeant handled a boat accident on Spoon Lake in Knox
County. A tuber being pulled behind the watercraft got his wrist
entangled in the tow rope. He suffered a severe laceration
requiring surgery to repair damaged tendons. He will also need
future skin graft surgeries. No violations were noted in this

In January, a district sergeant responded to a
hunting-without-permission complaint in Henry County. Two Maryland
offenders were located. One of the offenders provided false
identification and presented a third Maryland subject’s hunting
license and deer permit as his own. Both offenders were arrested
for unlawfully deer hunting without landowner permission and
unlawfully deer hunting without a valid non-resident hunting
license. The offender who provided false information was also
issued citations for unlawfully obstructing, unlawfully archery
deer hunting without a valid non-resident permit, and unlawful
possession of another hunter’s permit while in the field archery
deer hunting. Through the assistance of the Maryland DNR, the
subject who provided his hunting license and permits to one of the
hunters was issued a citation for accessory-unlawful possession of
another hunter’s deer permit while in the field. All three
offenders recently pleaded guilty. A total of $1,007.75 in fines
and costs were assessed in this case. The two compound bows seized
in this case were forfeited to the DNR. The offender who utilized
his friend’s deer permit had his hunting privileges revoked until

While working a boating detail on the Rock River in Whiteside
County, two District 1 CPOs stopped a boat after they observed
young children not wearing PFDs. Two of the children were
approximately a year old and the third was approximately 3 years
old and none of them were wearing PFDs. The operator received a
citation for the violation.

While on patrol at Mississippi Palisades State Park, a District 1
CPO observed a beer bottle on the picnic table in a campsite where
alcohol is prohibited. The CPO approached the campsite as one of
the campers tried to conceal the beer. The CPO located the beer as
well as the other cooler full of beer. As the CPO retrieved the ID
from site owner, the subject informed the CPO he was a high school
teacher having a small reunion with three of his former students.
The subject was cited for the violation.

Region II

A CPO arrested a dove hunter in Kane County. CPOs walked in on foot
spotting one hunter with a shotgun in his hands and the second
hunter attempting to hide in the weeds. The second hunter took off
into the woods, circled around, and came out on the far edge of the
field where the CPO stopped him. The hunter initially said he was
just out walking, but after a field interview he confessed to
hunting dove without a license and took the CPO to his shotgun and
hunting vest that were hidden in the weeds. Citations were issued,
and his shotgun was seized as evidence.

CPOs arrested the operator of a watercraft on Grass Lake for OUI.
He was the passenger/owner earlier that day when the operator at
the time was cited for over capacity of passengers. The owner was
advised not to operate the watercraft because he was intoxicated.
Two hours later he was operating the watercraft with no navigation
lights after sunset. His BAC was .134

CPOs stopped two male subjects entering a corn field in the western
rural portion of Kane County. Both subjects were temporarily
detained and searched for officer safety reasons, one subject had a
machete and garbage bags in his possession, the other had a knife
and garbage bags. The Sheriff’s Department was contacted and both
subjects admitted to looking for cannabis plants in the field after
initially insisting they were cleaning up trash along the railroad
tracks and trails. In addition, the Narcotics Task Force was
contacted and plans were made to fly the area for plants. Both
subjects were released.

While checking fishermen along the Fox River, a CPO cited a subject
for failure to immediately release an undersized walleye.

A CPO arrested a subject for careless operation of a watercraft on
the Kankakee River near Des Plaines Conservation Area. The boat was
being driven at a high rate of speed over rough water while a
passenger on the boat was holding onto the ski bar and being
flailed all over, nearly causing ejection. The passenger was
willingly participating in the activity.

A CPO made a unique dove case. Two subjects made a dove trap out of
fencing and wood. Bait would be placed within the trap, and when
doves flew into the trap, it would be sprung by an individual
hiding in the weeds that would trip the trap, causing the fencing
to collapse onto the doves. While killing time waiting for doves to
arrive, the subjects passed the time by shooting doves off of some
power lines with pellet guns. Charges were filed.

Region III

A CPO investigated a Neoga man for dumping shingles and cited the
subject for an EPA violation for burning shingles.

A CPO checking fishermen at Lake Mattoon arrested an Arthur man for
no fishing license and possession of controlled substance and a
Mattoon man for possession of cannabis.

With the help of a DNR Region 3 site superintendent, a CPO was able
to arrest a subject for unlawfully digging/taking ginseng from a
state park/IDNR property. In addition, the subject was cited for
taking ginseng out of season and several other related violations
(five citations total). After seeing the vehicle parked at another
site earlier, the site superintendent recorded the vehicle’s
description and license plate number and passed it on to the
District 11 Conservation Police. The vehicle was observed at a
different site where the CPO concealed himself for several hours.
Eventually, the subject returned to his vehicle where he was
arrested for the violations.

A CPO observed a vehicle driving recklessly while on vehicle patrol
in DeWitt County. The vehicle matched the description of a reckless
driving complaint put out by the Sheriff’s department earlier for
nearly running vehicles off the road. The CPO stopped the vehicle
and arrested the subject for driving while under the influence of
drugs (prescription). The subject claimed to have left Galesburg
for Clinton, Iowa, but was actually about seven miles from Clinton,

Region IV

A CPO received a call of someone in a motor vehicle running over
geese. He obtained statements from witnesses and tracked down the
suspect. After being confronted with the evidence, the suspect
admitted to running over the geese.

CPOs were patrolling Carlyle Lake when they observed subjects in a
boat making furtive movements. Contact was made with the boat and
it was found that the operator was trying to hide a can of beer
that he had been drinking. A CPO performed a boat safety inspection
and observed the operator. The CPO requested the operator to submit
to field sobriety tests and he failed. The subject was arrested for

A CPO was working the Carlyle Lake area checking recreational
boaters. He made contact with a boat coming into the ramp and
performed a boat safety check. The operator was arrested for OUI
and had a BAC of 0.293

A CPO was patrolling Frank Holten State Park when he observed a
pickup truck pull into a parking lot and its driver got out with an
open can of beer. The CPO made contact with the subject and
addressed the violation. The driver appeared to be highly
intoxicated and could hardly speak or stand up. The subject
submitted to and failed sobriety tests. He was arrested for DUI and
his BAC was 0.336. The passenger of the vehicle was found to be in
possession of crack cocaine. He also was arrested and held in St.
Clair County jail pending a felony hearing.

Region V

A CPO cited a Jackson County resident for driving his vehicle off
the roadway in Giant City State Park. He had driven his vehicle
down a horse trail and had gotten it stuck in a ditch.

A CPO assisted in securing a suspicious item that had been
discarded off a 400-foot bluff wall in Larue-Pine hills in Shawnee
National Forest in Union County. A local rope team rappelled down
and secured the item which turned out to be a stuff sack unrelated
to crime.

A CPO arrested a Belleville resident for operating a watercraft
while under the influence of alcohol. The operator had a BAC of

CPOs were on boat patrol and were notified of a boating accident. A
Milstadt resident was being pulled on a tube when he fell off
striking his forehead on his knee. He received a large laceration
on his forehead and sustained neck and shoulder injuries as well.
The subject was transported to the hospital. The accident is still
under investigation.

A CPO responded to a raccoon hunting complaint in Massac County.
The hunters have been shooting raccoons out of a boat during closed
season. Citations were issued.

A CPO cited a Union County subject for raccoon hunting during
closed season. The CPO located a truck with dog boxes in it and a
boat trailer at the Pomona ramp on Cedar Lake in the Shawnee
National Forest. When subjects arrived at the ramp he observed a
coon dog in the boat and coon hunting equipment. The subjects were
in a hurry because the dog had been bitten by what they think was a
rattlesnake. During inspection of the boat he discovered a rifle
hidden under the bow. He also located rifle ammunition on one of
the subjects.

A CPO made contact with a family in Jefferson County who had a deer
on a collar in their back yard as a pet, the fawn was released and
enforcement taken.

A CPO made contact with a Benton man fishing at Bonnie Dam who had
a bucket of mussels he collected for bait. Enforcement action was
taken for collection of mussels from restricted waters.

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