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Sunday, January 29th, 2023

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MI: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 18


COs Dave Painter and Brian Bacon contacted two anglers at a trout
lake in Iron County. After speaking with the two subjects, the COs
found more than just a fish story. The subjects were in possession
of an illegal handgun, marijuana, and had two undersized trout in
possession. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Brian Bacon responded to a complaint about ORVers operating
illegally along the county line. Contact was made with the group of
eight as they were trespassing on private property without helmets
or ORV licenses. Enforcement action was taken.

COs Jason Wicklund and Doug Hermanson contacted a group camping in
a state forest campground (SFC). After sorting through a series of
stories, it was found that one group had been camping for a week
without paying. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Dennis Gast ticketed a subject for camping at an access site.
The camper had cut a path of trees and brush on state land so he
could see the lake from his campsite.

CO Mark Leadman observed a vehicle pulling a trailer load of junk
that had items blowing off as it traveled down the highway. A short
time later, the vehicle hit a bump and the entire tailgate fell off
the trailer and dumped large quantities of garbage all over the
roadway. The vehicle continued on without stopping. Officer Leadman
followed the vehicle and made contact further down the road. A
ticket was issued for an unsecured load.

CO Trey Luce contacted operators of two unregistered ORVs in
Marquette County. Further investigation revealed that one of the
subjects was operating on a suspended operator’s license, as well.
Enforcement action was taken.


CO Kevin Postma conducted a marine/fish patrol on the lower St.
Mary’s River. On two separate occasions CO Postma utilized his
binoculars to watch subjects fishing, and as he closed in to make
contact the subjects put down their poles and moved to the other
side of the boat. Both tried to deny they were fishing. Tickets
were issued.

CO Kyle Publiski stopped a 58-foot yacht in the DeTour area in
which the owner claimed he didn’t need to register his vessel. The
CO explained the law, and the subject indicated his lawyer assured
him he didn’t need to register his boat like everybody else. The
subject was ticketed for failing to register the vessel, and
follow-up is being done with the Treasury Department.

CO Robert Crisp responded to a call for help after two juveniles
jumped off a cliff near Miners Rock in Munising. The youths had hit
rocks below the water line and were seriously injured. CO Crisp,
along with local deputies, were able to rescue the divers and get
the injured subjects to waiting paramedics.

CO Robert Crisp observed three subjects fishing from a canoe. The
CO watched for quite some time before the canoe came close enough
to shore to make contact. One subject didn’t have a fishing
license, and no one on board had a life jacket. Tickets were

CO Derek Miller was off duty when three ORVers came speeding down
the side of the road against the flow of traffic. CO Miller easily
identified who they were due to the fact that they weren’t wearing
helmets. A few moments later, CO Miller received a complaint about
the wayward ORVers. After locating the subjects, tickets were
issued without much complaint as the subjects realized the CO was a
witness as well as the complainant.

CO Reid Roeske assisted the Michigan State Police (MSP) and Delta
County deputies with attempting to locate a man who was trying to
enter a residence with two teenage girls inside. This was the
second time this had happened at this residence within a couple
days. CO Roeske and an MSP trooper were on the scene within five
minutes of the 911 call. The officers didn’t locate anyone, and the
investigation continues.


During the annual Harbor Days event, CO Andrea Albert and Sgt. Mike
Borkovich arrested and lodged two highly intoxicated subjects in
the Antrim County jail after witnessing the female subject
operating a motor vehicle while highly intoxicated. A search was
conducted and resulted in the seizure of heroin and morphine, along
with needles and other narcotics-related items. Both subjects had
been convicted of several prior drug-related offenses in the

CO Steve Speigl investigated and ticketed a subject who was
illegally operating a boat rental business near Bellaire. The
individual was unlicensed and uninsured for liability issues. CO
Speigl explained the rules of legally operating a charter boat
business or licensed livery and rental operation, including the
inspection and indemnification process.

CO Mark DePew watched two anglers catching and keeping numerous
bass and not throwing any back. When CO DePew contacted the pair it
was discovered that neither had a fishing license and they were in
possession of 14 bass, 11 of them undersized. The anglers were
ticketed for their numerous violations.

When CO Bill Webster contacted the operator of a boat without any
MC numbers, the operator claimed he just bought the vessel a few
years ago and forgot to put the numbers on the boat. After running
the boat’s HIN, it was discovered the operator had registered the
boat in 2005, but had let the registration expire. He was ticketed
for operating an unregistered vessel.

CO Eric Bottorff responded to a disturbance at the Black Lake SFC
boat launch site where a subject was attempting to launch a boat.
He was having difficulty due to forgetting to install the plug in
his boat, while other boaters were waiting to use the launch. When
tempers began to flare, one subject was cut by the engaged
propeller of the outboard motor. CO Bottorff administered first aid
to the subject and restored order to the situation.

While working on Burt and Mullett lakes, COs Michael Feagan and
Eric Bottorff encountered subjects on a large homemade raft held
together by binder twine. The raft was in the process of falling
apart. The subjects were fishing without the benefit of fishing
licenses and had several marine violations. Enforcement action was

While patrolling Burt Lake, CO Michael Feagan found a family on
inner tubes in the middle of the lake. The wind had blown them
farther off shore then they had anticipated, and they were unable
to make their way back. CO Feagan assisted in getting them back to
their starting point.


While patrolling on Lake Michigan, CO Brian Brosky observed several
boats running too many lines while trolling. One of the boats had a
lone angler on board who was using seven lines. Another vessel that
CO Brosky stopped had nine lines for one angler. Enforcement action
was taken.

CO Steve Converse encountered two anglers on the Little Manistee
River taking advantage of an early run of chinooks. The anglers
were using fly rods with oversized treble hooks tied inline with
the sinkers. The anglers attempted to snag the salmon while CO
Converse observed their actions. Enforcement action was

CO Steve Converse received a complaint about two anglers on Gun
Lake in Mason County taking undersized and possibly an overlimit of
bass. CO Converse responded and found that the anglers and boat
were no longer on the lake. Using marine registration numbers and
other information obtained from the complainant, CO Converse
located the anglers at a lakeside residence. The CO interviewed the
anglers and recovered several undersized largemouth bass fillets.
CO Converse also recovered some of the fish offal that the anglers
had dumped in the lake after they had cleaned their catch.
Enforcement action was taken.

While off duty enjoying some family and fishing time at Mitchell
State Park in Wexford County, CO Jeremy Payne observed a personal
watercraft operator violating the 100-foot rule. The PWC operator
was boating too close to anchored fishing boats and the designated
swim area. Local CO Sam Koscinski responded and was able to contact
the PWC operator, who was ticketed for careless operation.

CO Sam Koscinski responded to a complaint about a subject killing a
Canada goose on a local Wexford County lake. CO Koscinski located
the subject and dead Canada goose. CO Koscinski obtained a
confession that the subject had first shot at the goose to scare it
away, but when that did not work he tried shooting closer. The
subject shot a bit too close, hitting and killing the goose.
Enforcement action was taken.


District officers patrolled Houghton Lake during the Bud Bash
event, which resulted in numerous arrests for marine safety
violations, disorderly conduct, and alcohol violations. This annual
event draws in thousands to the lake where large amounts of alcohol
are consumed and the numerous assaults, public nudity, underage
drinking, boating under the influence, and marine violation arrests
are handled by conservation officers, sheriff’s deputies, township
police, and MSP troopers.

COs Chuck McPherson and John Huspen ticketed three subjects taking
live oak trees for fuel wood. The subjects had been taking the
trees for some time from the area and had cut a trail cross-country
to get to the wood. Their vehicle was impounded and chain saws

CO Mike Hearn responded to a complaint regarding two shots fired
and a subject crossing a road carrying a turkey. Upon arrival at
the scene, CO Hearn located turkey feathers in the yard. The
homeowner gave permission for the CO to check the residence where a
turkey carcass was found in the refrigerator. CO Hearn interviewed
the spouse and son of the homeowner, and the son admitted to
shooting the turkey. Enforcement action was taken.

Sgt. Glenn Gutierrez and COs Brian Olsen and Bobbi Lively assisted
the MSP and local deputies in a search for an escaped prisoner. The
subject was tracked across two counties and finally surrounded in a
swampy, wooded area. The MSP K9 troopers, assisted by CO Olsen,
tracked the individual in the swamp, where he was apprehended after
nearly a 12-hour search.

Shortly after hearing a radio broadcast alerting officers to be on
the lookout for a suicidal subject, CO Steve Lockwood found the
subject’s car in a ditch. The subject had slit his wrists in an
attempt to commit suicide and was running down the middle of the
road. The subject was taken to the emergency room by emergency
medical personnel. CO Lockwood provided security until relieved by
local police.

CO Steve Lockwood responded to two separate complaints about
disorderly people in the House Lake SFC. The first complaint
involved two females who were fist fighting. One required medical
attention at the hospital. After being treated, she was lodged in
the county jail along with the other woman involved in the fight.
The second complaint involved a large party in the campground. The
CO was assisted by local deputies, and several arrests were made,
for littering, minors in possession of alcohol, open intoxicants in
a motor vehicle, driving on a suspended license, and disorderly


CO Chad Foerster was working a joint patrol with the U.S. Coast
Guard on their patrol vessel when they received a call from the
USCG station regarding several subjects in the water without life
jackets who were in distress. A Good Samaritan saw the situation
and was able to pull all four victims – two children and two adults
– from the water as emergency personnel were arriving on the scene.
The Good Samaritan handed an unconscious victim to CO Foerster from
his vessel. CO Foerster and the USCG officers administered first
aid to the victim as they transported her from the water to an
awaiting ambulance at the launch. All victims recovered from the
near drowning and are in good condition.

CO Joshua Wright was requested to assist the MSP in finding a
missing camper. Using a helicopter, the troopers saw something in a
local pond. CO Wright launched his patrol boat with a couple of
troopers on board and identified the object as the missing person
located in about nine feet of water. An autopsy determined the
victim drowned.

COs Joshua Wright and Jason Smith were patrolling on Saginaw Bay
when they came upon a boat with two anglers in possession of eight
walleyes. That was a good catch, but the problem was that only one
of the anglers had a fishing license. Enforcement action was

CO Phillip Hudson was contacted by the USCG to assist in the
removal of a boat on Saginaw Bay that had capsized. The boat was
partially submerged in about 11 feet of water and was deemed a
navigational hazard. The boat owner refused to pay a towing company
to recover and remove the vessel even though it was deemed a
navigational hazard. The boat eventually was removed, and a report
will accompany a warrant request for abandoning the vessel, along
with several other charges for environmental violations.

CO Jay Person policed a boat accident that occurred on Sanford Lake
in Midland County. A father and son were being pulled on a tube
when they fell off due to high wave action. The mother who was
driving the boat circled back around to pick them up, but due to
the rough water, the boat was pushed into the subjects. The father
was able to push the son out of the way for the most part, but he
came into contact with the propeller. The mother was not able to
shut the motor off in time, and the father had his left arm severed
mid-forearm. They were unable to get the victims back in the boat,
so the son began swimming his father to shore. They were pulled
from the water by emergency medical personnel and loaded onto a
pontoon and taken to a waiting ambulance. The county dive team
searched for four hours trying to locate the severed limb, which,
according to doctors, was the window of opportunity to reattach the
arm. The arm was not located, and the father was airlifted to the
University of Michigan hospital in Ann Arbor. The son was treated
and released for a puncture wound to his leg.


CO Andy Bauer was on vacation in Newaygo County on Pickerel Lake
when a boater towing some kids almost struck his boat. The lake was
busy and the operator was operating in the wrong direction on the
lake. After a second close call with the boat, CO Bauer went to the
camp where the boat originated. CO Bauer contacted the boat
operator and found that the kids being towed were girls from the
camp. The operator was warned for the violations and explained the
rules of the water.

CO Steve Mooney was talking to a subject at a Lake of the Woods
access site when he observed a vehicle enter the parking lot and
subsequently turn and drive over the concrete barrier and get
stuck. The driver then began racing his engine, trying to get
loose. CO Mooney contacted the driver and found he was intoxicated.
Enforcement action was taken.

CO Dave Rodgers, of Kent County, was working the Rouge River State
Game Area (SGA) when he contacted a subject parked at an access
site. CO Rodgers observed two other people approach the access site
on foot but turn back into the woods after seeing the CO’s patrol
vehicle. Further investigation led to tickets for an illegal camp
in the game area and the arrest of one subject for an outstanding
child support warrant.

CO Mike Mshar contacted a subject at the Allegan Dam along the
Kalamazoo River who was in possession of a short bass. The subject
also had a felony warrant as a wanted fugitive for the past 16
years. CO Mshar contacted federal agents to verify the subject’s
identity and took him into custody. The subject was lodged at the
Allegan County jail and will be turned over to federal agents for
deportation back to Bulgaria.

CO Mike Mshar responded to a complaint about elk that had escaped
from a captive cervid facility. It was determined the owner’s
brother had released them on purpose to cause problems. All of the
elk were located and destroyed. The subject was ticketed for
failing to report the incident.

While checking a fishing spot along the Kalamazoo River, CO Chris
Holmes contacted occupants of a suspicious vehicle in a parking
lot. Further investigation revealed a subject selling ephedrine
pills to another subject. Both subjects were in possession of
methamphetamine, heroin, vicodin, marijuana, and meth cooking


While on marine patrol, CO Brad Brewer contacted three subjects who
were fishing on Lake Somerset. Two of the three were fishing
without licenses, and they were short one personal flotation
device. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Rick Villerot patrolled a popular lake during a men’s club
summertime festival. CO Villerot encountered many marine
violations, including bow riding, improper registration, violation
of the 100-foot rule, and improper safety equipment. Enforcement
action was taken in all instances.

CO Jason J. Smith had a productive patrol along the Huron River
during which he contacted a subject with a short bass, and another
subject who was fishing without a license. CO Smith also
investigated one subject for possession of counterfeit money and a
second subject for possession of heroin and marijuana. Enforcement
action was taken.

CO Jason J. Smith responded to a complaint about a deer in
captivity and located a fawn that had been illegally possessed for
more than six weeks. The subject who had the fawn knew he could not
legally possess the fawn as he had worked for a legal rehabilitator
in the past. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Rich Nickols observed three subjects fishing from a pontoon
boat. Further investigation revealed that none of the three had
purchased a fishing license, and two of the subjects didn’t have
any Michigan identification and only had identification from
Mexico. CO Nickols contacted an Immigration and Customs agent and
learned that one of the subjects was in the country illegally and
had been deported in the past. Enforcement action was taken for all
the violations.

CO Shane Webster contacted a subject fishing on an inland lake who
proudly displayed his Ohio fishing license and a Michigan fishing
license from 2008. The subject had forgotten to purchase a current
Michigan fishing license. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Shane Webster was the lead investigator of a fatal boating
accident on a small mill pond. Witnesses observed a subject fishing
and then heard him yelling frantically. The witnesses went to the
location and found an overturned rowboat but could not locate the
subject. The fire department recovered the victim from the water,
and he was pronounced dead by the medical examiner. The official
cause of death was listed as drowning.


CO Mike Drexler checked a vessel with two anglers as they were
coming off Belleville Lake. CO Drexler asked how the fishing was,
and both anglers stated they caught a few crappies. A check in the
boat’s livewell revealed the anglers had more luck than they
thought. CO Drexler counted 62 crappies, making the anglers 12 over
the legal limit. CO Drexler also learned that one of the anglers
was wanted on a $31,000 cash warrant from the circuit court. CO
Drexler issued one subject a ticket for the overlimit and lodged
the other subject on his outstanding warrant.

CO Brandon Kieft checked two anglers who were fishing on Bridge
Lake in Oakland County. One of the anglers did not have a current
fishing license, and the other angler was in possession of an
overlimit of bluegills. After running license checks on the
subjects, CO Kieft discovered that CO Ben Shively had issued a
ticket and arrested one of the subjects in the past. Enforcement
action was taken.

CO Brandon Kieft issued two tickets for possession of undersized
bass. One subject at Loon Lake had three largemouth bass all under
12 inches. The other ticket was written along the Clinton River.
The angler was in possession of a 10-inch largemouth bass.

CO Al Schwiderson responded to a complaint about a subject trapping
and keeping turtles from Lake Pleasant. The CO contacted the
subject who was in possession of several turtles and did not have a
valid fishing license as required. Enforcement action was taken,
and the turtles were returned to the wild.

Two anglers fishing at the Consumers Power beach on Lake Erie were
contacted by CO Mark Ennett. One angler admitted to not having a
fishing license for the current year, but due to the presence of a
slight language barrier he could not be clearly understood. A
license check revealed the angler did have a valid fishing license
and did not know it.

CO Mike Drexler responded to a complaint that a homeowner caught a
skunk in a live trap and had not taken action on it in a number of
days. After attempting to contact the homeowner numerous times
during a 24-hour period, CO Drexler seized the trap and the
now-deceased animal. Contact will be made with the prosecutor to
seek a warrant for failing to check the trap, among a list of other

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