MN: Walleye action best during low-light periods; muskie action slow Issue: 34

Big Six


The daytime walleye bite slowed this week, but bigger walleyes
continue to be caught on suspended crankbaits over deep water. The
evening and night walleye bite remains productive with slip bobbers
and leeches off the flats, deep rocks, and deep gravel. Pike and
muskies are being taken from the cabbage edges on crankbaits and
bucktails. Smallmouth bass action also is consistent on the shallow
to mid-depth rocks.

Johnson’s Portside (320) 676-3811

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There’s been a run of big walleyes biting this week and anglers
continue to pick off limits of keeping-sized fish as well. The best
reports are coming from the northern areas of Big Traverse around
Garden Island, Bridges Island, and Hay Island in 30 to 32 feet.
Downrigging with crankbaits has been the primary presentation, but
crawlers are producing fish on the reefs as well. On the south
side, work the Lighthouse Gap and Morris Point areas in shallower
water for walleyes.

Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau

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There’s been a slight improvement in the daytime walleye action
with the humps in Walker Bay, Cedar Point, and the Hardwoods giving
up a few more fish on rigs and crawlers. The most consistent bite
is still taking place at night with slip bobbers and leeches or
Shad Raps from Sand Point to Cedar Point in nine to 12 feet. Muskie
anglers are throwing bucktails and other large bladed baits on the
cabbage and rocks and picking off a few fish.

Reed’s Sporting Goods (218) 547-1505


Sunfish and bass have been most active on the shallow and deep
weedlines of Lake Minnetonka. The rocks also have produced
good-sized bass. Northern pike are hitting spinners and minnows in
15 to 18 feet and muskie action continues to be limited on
Minnetonka. Look for an occasional walleye to hit a leech or
fathead minnow at night in 26 to 28 feet in the big bays of
Minnetonka or in 20 feet on Lake Independence.

Wayzata Bait (952) 473-2227


Black Bay started producing crappies in six to eight feet. The
reefs on the east end of the lake are kicking out walleyes on live
bait in 32 to 38 feet. Work the American Narrows for walleyes in 24
to 28 feet and there’s also been some steady walleye reports coming
from the Reinier Rapids during the evening hours. Trolling
crankbaits on the weedlines in Cranberry Bay has triggered northern

Loon’s Nest (218) 286-5850


The walleye bite was more inconsistent this week. The tops of the
bars have produced the most fish, mainly with crawlers and
spinners. Northern pike continue to hit along the shoreline breaks
and weedlines. The best perch action is being reported with a jig
and minnow in the northwest corner and mouth of the river.

Nodak Lodge (218) 665-2226

Twin Cities Metro


Sucker minnows are producing northern pike and largemouth bass on
the weedlines of Lake Phalen and Demonterville Lake. A jig and
Twister Tail or Lindy Rig and crawler is producing walleyes, white
bass, and smallmouth bass on the St. Croix River. On the
Mississippi River, walleye and catfish activity has improved with
live bait. Bucktails thrown on the weedlines of Bald Eagle Lake
during low-light periods have produced muskies and panfish reports
have been poor.

Blue Ribbon Bait & Tackle (651) 777-2421


A jig and minnow combination worked in the creek mouths of the
Minnesota River is producing walleyes, while the deep holes are
holding catfish. You’ll find sunfish in 14 feet at Lake Auburn and
in 20 feet at Christmas Lake. The 14- to 18-foot weedlines on Lake
Zumbra are giving up northern pike and sunfish. Hit the weedlines
of Pierson Lake with sucker minnows for northern pike.

Cabin Fever Sports (952) 443-2022


Muskie action has improved during low-light periods with topwater
baits near the swimming beach and main-lake reefs. Sunfish are
hitting best on the weed edges of Kegg’s Reef, North Reef, and
Center Reef. Look for big bass on the deep milfoil edges of most
reefs, while the docks and shorelines continue to produce better
numbers of smaller fish.

Mases In Towne Marina (952) 442-2096



Walleye action has picked up a bit at Clearwater Lake with minnows
and nightcrawlers on the 12- to 14-foot weedlines or 16- to 24-foot
breaks. Largemouth bass and northern pike action continues to be
strong with live bait or spinnerbaits on the weedlines of lakes
John, Sylvia, Sugar, Cedar, French, and Clearwater. Sunfish are
hitting in 12 to 14 feet of water at Clearwater, John, and Maple

Little Jim’s Bait (320) 274-5297


On Lake Plantagenet, nightcrawlers are producing walleyes in 24 to
28 feet during the day, as are crankbaits during low-light periods
in shallower water. The eight- to 10-foot cabbage beds on Lake
Bemidji are giving up walleyes, most of which are hitting crawlers
or minnows. Muskie anglers are seeing fish, but having a tough time
getting bit and Plantagenet is giving up perch in eight to 12 feet.
Look to Grace Lake for bluegills in six to eight feet.

Bluewater Outdoors

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Redtails are now the best walleye bait on the north end of Gull
Lake in 17 to 22 feet, south end of Gull in 12 to 22 feet, and
North Long Lake in 21 to 23 feet. At Whitefish Lake, redtails are
turning walleyes and northern pike in 17 to 19 feet. Bass fishing
remains consistent on the deep weedlines of most lakes, while
Whitefish, Sullivan Lake, and Round Lake are kicking out sunfish in
12 to 18 feet of water.

S & W Bait & Guide Service/Nisswa Guide League (218)


Walleyes are hitting best during the day in 12 to 20 feet, but they
slide shallower if the wind blows. Cass Lake, Pike Bay Lake, and
Kitchi Lake are giving up walleyes on live bait. Look for perch on
the main-lake sand/weed areas or 20- to 25-foot humps of Cass.
Muskies are scattered on the shallow and deep weeds but hitting
topwater baits, while Kitchi and Big Lake continue to produce
panfish in eight to 15 feet.

Sunset Cove Resort (800) 279-4831


The Mississippi River is producing walleyes, smallmouth bass around
the Highway 6 bridge, and good largemouth bass, panfish, and pike
fishing between Little Rabbit Lake and Rice Lake. Crankbaits
trolled deep during the day and leeches drifted on the breaklines
during the evening have produced walleyes at Rabbit Lake. Bay Lake
is kicking out pike and bass along the weeds. Tube jigs are
producing crappies during the last hour of daylight in 16 to 19
feet at Clearwater Lake and Serpent Lake.

Oars ‘n Mine Bait and Tackle (218) 546-6912


Fox Lake started producing walleyes and crappies in 12 to 14 feet.
Perch are hitting along County Road 12 at Cannon Lake and a few
muskies are being raised with bucktails along the shorelines at
French Lake. Look to Kelley Dudley Lake for sunfish and crappies in
12 to 30 feet.

Nagel’s Live Bait (507) 334-8341


Walleyes are hitting jigs and leeches or minnows at Devil Fish Lake
in 13 to 20 feet, Lake Saganaga in 23 to 32 feet, and Crescent Lake
in 20 feet. Lake trout are suspended over 70 to 80 feet and hitting
spoons at Saganaga and Greenwood Lake. Look to Kimball Lake and
Mink Lake with spinners or crawlers for rainbow trout. Salmon
reports are slower on Lake Superior, but lake trout are hitting
spoons about 120 feet down.

Buck’s Hardware (218) 387-2280


Crawlers and spinners worked on the weed edges have produced
walleyes at Shallow Lake, Trout Lake, Sugar Lake, and Lake
Pokegama. Trolling crankbaits at night in shallow water or a rig
and minnow drifted in 30 feet during the day also has triggered
walleyes on the aforementioned lakes. Crappies remain active during
the evening on the weedlines of Rice Lake, Long Lake, and Lake
Wabana. Pike are hitting shiners and sucker minnows in 16 to 30
feet on most lakes. Muskies are suspended over deep water at North
Star Lake, Moose Lake, and Deer Lake.

Ben’s Bait and Tackle (218) 326-8281


Walleyes are being taken with leeches and crawlers in 22 to 28
feet, although a jig and minnow is turning a few more walleyes in
30 feet or more. Better areas on Lake Kabetogama include the reefs
around Martin, Chase, and Headlight islands. Pike and smallmouth
bass remain active in shallow water and walleyes also are being
taken on Namakan Lake with minnows in 26 to 33 feet.

Gateway Store (218) 875-2121


Leeches or nightcrawlers are producing a few walleyes during
low-light periods at Long Lake and Fish Hook Lake in 18 to 28 feet.
Small bucktails and spoons are turning northern pike and topwater
baits are raising muskies at Big Mantrap Lake in 14 feet. Hit the
Crow Wing Chain for bluegills in 12 to 14 feet and Power Bait
continues to produce rainbow trout at Bad Medicine Lake and Long
Lake north of town.

Delaney’s (218) 732-4281


The morning and evening hours have been best for walleyes along the
five- to eight-foot shoreline breaks. You’ll also find walleyes
during the day on the deeper rock humps. Crankbaits or
hammered-gold and silver spinners tipped with minnows continue to
work best.

Dr. Tackle Sports (218) 647-8657

Mort’s Dock (218) 647-8128


A few walleyes are being taken on crawlers or minnows in 10 to 14
feet at Lake Koronis. Sunfish remain active in six to 12 feet at
Rice Lake, Long Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Cedar Island Lake, and
Brown’s Lake. Bass and northern pike action continues to be good on
the weedlines and breaks of most lakes.

Mike’s Bait and Tackle (320) 453-2248


Sunfish continue to be caught at Big Birch Lake in 17 to 22 feet,
at Lake Osakis in 10 to 12 feet, and at Maple Lake in 12 feet. The
bars on Osakis are giving up walleyes during the evening hours,
you’ll find walleyes scattered between 16 and 30 feet at Little
Birch Lake, and at the narrows bridge area of Sauk Lake. Crappies
are being caught by trolling small jigs and minnows on the
weedlines of Long Bridge Lake, Guerny Lake, and Maple.

Fletcher’s Bait (320) 352-2155


Diamond Lake is giving up crappies, sunfish, and walleyes in 10 to
15 feet. Live bait is producing walleyes during the day at Green
Lake in 30 to 40 feet, as are crankbaits during low-light periods
in 10 to 15 feet. Leeches, crawlers, and crankbaits are turning a
few ‘eyes in 10 to 15 feet at lakes Florida, Nest, and Andrew.
You’ll find bass, northern pike, and panfish on the weedlines of
Florida, Andrew, Nest, Games Lake, and Norway Lake.

Brad’s 71 Bait and Sports (320) 235-4097


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