Sunday, January 29th, 2023
Sunday, January 29th, 2023

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SD: Oahe Fisherman Asked to Turn in Tagged Salmon Heads

PIERRE, S.D. – Biologists in the South Dakota Department of
Game, Fish and Parks are investigating how differences in stocking
locations might increase the number of catchable salmon in Lake
Oahe, and they need the help of anglers to make the study

According to Fisheries Biologist Robert Hanten, thousands of
specially-tagged Chinook salmon have been stocked in Lake Oahe over
the past three years. A small coded-wire tag, only a millimeter
long and the diameter of human hair, was implanted in these fish.
Although the tag is invisible to the angler, such a tagged fish can
be identified by the absence of a tiny fin on its back, near its

“Untagged salmon have a small fleshy-lobed fin directly in front
of their tail called the adipose fin. This fin is removed as part
of the tagging process,” Hanten said. “If anglers catch salmon
missing the adipose fin, we’d like them to turn in the head of
those salmon to a local bait shop or the GFP office just outside
Fort Pierre, along Highway 1806, on the way to Oahe Dam. Anglers
should include information on fish length and weight and the date
they were caught.”

The tags distinguish groups of salmon that were stocked at
Whitlock Bay, near Gettysburg, and those stocked at Spring Creek,
which is located approximately 16 miles north of Oahe Dam. The
purpose of the study is to determine if the stocking location will
increase the returns of salmon to anglers and to see if stocking
location affects how well salmon return to Whitlock Bay for



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