Whose Shotgun Would You Want?

Chad Love, author of “Man’s Best Friend” blog on the Field &
Stream website and fellow Quail Forever blogger, recently passed
along a post idea for me. It seems that famed pheasant hunting
author Steve Grooms has elected to sell his favorite pheasant gun,
a 12 gauge over/under Ithaca model 600 made by SKB. It got me
thinking about shotguns and if there’s one out there I’d aspire to
one day own.

My first thought went to a recent book about Ernest Hemingway’s
guns. Ultimately I’d prefer to possess the fishing rod & reel
Hemingway used in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula – my home stomping
grounds – while penning the Big Two-Hearted River, more than any of
Ernie’s firearms. Teddy Roosevelt came to mind as well, but
ultimately I’m not particularly infatuated with owning famous
people’s shotguns.

For me, I think someday I’d like to inherit both of my grandpa’s
shotguns. My Grandpa St.Pierre passed away last fall, leaving my
dad with a matching 12 and 20 gauge Winchester Model 12 pair.
Likewise, my Grandpa Maurer left his 20 gauge Browning Citori
featherlight to my mom when he passed a few years back. All three
of those guns carry on my family’s hunting traditions, something
shared by both sides of my heritage. That’s something I’m proud to
be a part of and represent in my last name.

Is there someone else’s shotgun out there you hope to shoulder
one day?


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