VT: Loonwatch Day July 16 Volunteers Still Needed

WATERBURY, VT — The Vermont Loon Recovery Project (VLRP) annual
statewide loon count is fast approaching, and there are some lakes
that need volunteer loon observers.

“This is a great opportunity to check out a lake or pond you
normally might not visit,” said Eric Hanson, the Vermont Loon
Recovery Project biologist. “Many of the unassigned lakes are small
and will likely not have loons, but it is still important to check
them occasionally.”

There also are some high priority lakes in need of volunteers
including Harveys Lake, Jobs Pond, Marshfield Reservoir, May Pond,
Moore Reservoir, Nelson Pond, Newark Pond, Pigeon Pond, Pensioner
Pond, Spring Lake, and Woodward Reservoir.

Moderate priority lakes that need surveying include Amherst,
Echo in Plymouth, Echo and Beebe in Hubbarton, Hortonia, Inman,
Knapp Brook 1 and 2, Levi, Little Elmore, Little Salem, Long in
Eden, Long in Sheffield, Mollys, South America, Star, Ticklenaked,
West Hill, and Wrightsville.

All surveys should be done between 8 and 9 a.m. on Saturday,
July 16. Please contact Eric Hanson by Email
(ehanson@vtecostudies.org) or phone (802) 586-8064 if you are
interested in surveying one or more of these lakes.


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