Victoria Springs, Nebraska SRA Offers Good Bullhead Fishing

Bullhead enthusiasts in central Nebraska have an excellent
fishing opportunity at Victoria Springs State Recreation Area
(SRA). Recent sampling of the area’s pond revealed a large
population of 9- to 11-inch black bullheads.

This opportunity will last only for a few months, however,
because an Aquatic Habitat Program rehabilitation project is
scheduled to begin there this summer. Until then, there is no bag
or length limits on bullheads if they are kept for consumption.

Many anglers of all ages enjoy catching bullheads, but the
number of public fishing waters with good bullhead fishing is low.
Victoria Springs, located 6 miles east of Anselmo in Custer County,
offers good bank angling access, as well as a quiet, scenic
environment. The area includes a campground and two cabins.


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