Wednesday, February 8th, 2023
Wednesday, February 8th, 2023

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Use Caution Around High Nebraska Rivers

Caution is advised for people using rivers for water recreation,
according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Rivers are
high in many areas across the state.

A combination of recent rains and river systems already full
from spring run-off has waters rising, especially the North Platte
and Missouri rivers.

People are urged to avoid swimming and boating in the rivers
during flood stages. They also should check conditions before
venturing out once waters recede. The use of life jackets is
encouraged and in some cases required by law.

High flows and fast currents can be dangerous to swimmers and
waders, as well as create snags that can ensnare canoeists,
kayakers and tubers. High flows also can dislodge debris that can
be dangerous to vessels in the rivers. Shifting riverbeds can lead
to dangerous drop-offs. Snowmelt run-off also keeps the water
temperature low, increasing the risk of cold-water shock response
and hypothermia.

People looking for water-based recreation should consider the
use of lakes, ponds and reservoirs.


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