ID: Salmon Region Fishing Information May 27, 2011

This report highlights a few of the best places to fish, what
anglers are using and what they are catching. The information is
compiled from regional Fish and Game fishery managers, local tackle
shops and anglers.


The fishing forecast for the opening weekend of the fishing
season is for water and more water. Many regional rivers and
streams are full and running very fast making fishing conditions
not only less than ideal, but dangerous as well. Anglers are
advised to avoid these waters in favor for fishing on local ponds
and lakes.

Families interested in a safe and fun fishing outing can find
good fishing at Kids’ Creek Pond, Hayden Ponds, and Hyde Creek Pond
in the Salmon area. Williams Lake is another good Salmon-area
destination for both bank and boat fishing for trout. PowerBait and
worms are good options for bank fishing. Trolling using spinners
has also produced some good fishing.

Challis area anglers can enjoy some family fishing at Blue
Mountain Meadows pond. Many area high mountain lakes are still
inaccessible. Check with the land management agency office nearest
your intended fishing destination to find out about high mountain
lake access.

Don’t forget to check the tackle shop nearest to your fishing
destination for fishing information and equipment.


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