Saturday, January 28th, 2023
Saturday, January 28th, 2023

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Last minute reminders for campers heading to Iowa State Parks for Memorial Day weekend

New Requirements for Labels on Firewood

Campers are reminded of the new requirements on labeling of
firewood. On Jan. 1, the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land
Stewardship began requiring all firewood sold or acquired in Iowa
to have the county and state of harvest location on the label of
packages and the delivery ticket for bulk firewood.

Q: What is firewood?

A: According to the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land
Stewardship, firewood is any wood less than four feet long.

Q: Do I need a label if I bring firewood cut from my

A: Yes. Include your name as the seller and harvester, price as
free, and the county, state and date of the harvest.

Q: What if I buy firewood from a seller near the park and he does
not have it labeled?

A: Ask the seller to make a label with the required information
because they would be in violation as the seller, and by
transporting that wood without a label you would also be in

Q: What does the new requirement mean?

A: Basically if anyone is transporting apiece of multiple pieces of
wood that are up to four feet long, they will need a label
accompanying it that states:

Firewood Label: Key Points

· Must say Firewood on it

· Must give contact details of the seller, in addition to the
harvester, if they are different

· Must show price per unit of measurement, even if it is free

· Must have the name of the vendor that harvested it, county and
state of harvest, and date

Severe Weather Possible for the Weekend

The current weather forecast includes potential scattered storms
across Iowa over the three day weekend. In the event of severe
weather, state parks staff will make every attempt to alert
campers, but ultimately, campers are responsible for their own

“We are encouraging campers to pay attention to the weather and to
get familiar with what to do or where to go in the case of severe
weather,” said Jim Lawson, state parks supervisor with the Iowa
Department of Natural Resources. “It would also be a good idea to
bring a weather radio and to make a severe weather plan with your
fellow campers.”

Each state park has a pamphlet that lists the location or building,
either in or out of the park boundaries, that is recommended for
severe weather.

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