Anglers taking their sweet time buying fishing licenses

Minnesota fishing license sales through the Monday after opening
weekend are lagging behind previous years.

As of Monday this week, the DNR had sold 344,189 fishing
licenses, compared with 435,270 at the same time last year and
381,194 at the same time in 2009. This year’s sales are slightly
more than at the same time in 2008.

Between 2000 and 2007, sales at this time ranged from 399,998 to
461,549. In each year since 2000, license sales have ended the year
above 1.1 million.

So is the slow start to license sales a cause for concern? Not if
you ask me.

We’ve had more days this spring that make me think of deer hunting
than of fishing. When the sun isn’t shining and I know I’ll have to
dress in layers to hit the lake, I think twice about shelling out
more than $100 to fill the truck and boat with gas.

While I’ve already bought my fishing license because I know I’ll go
(as far as I’m concerned, the real opener – the bass opener – isn’t
until Memorial Day weekend anyway), I’m sure there are plenty of
people who don’t buy it until they’re about to go fishing. And
frankly, there just haven’t been a lot of opportunities, yet.

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