Minnesota DNR asks anglers to report tagged fish

Minnesota anglers who catch a tagged fish can help support their sport by recording the tag number, fish species, length, site of catch, and the date on which it was landed.

This data should be entered into the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) tagged fish reporting website.

"Tagging and marking are important techniques for studying individual aquatic animals or populations," said Phil Talmage, a DNR area supervisor at Baudette. "Anglers who report tag data are contributing information that helps improve fish management."

DNR managers can study tag data to determine fish migrations, behaviors, abundance, mortality rates, stocking success and other important information.

Anglers who enter data into the website typically receive a letter, phone call or e-mail that summarizes the tagged fish's history in the DNR's database.

"We appreciate the information that anglers have provided in the past and look forward to that same high-quality data this season," said Talmadge.


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