Carl Wedin is Vermont’s Warden of the Year

WATERBURY, VT – Carl Wedin of Sheldon is Vermont’s State Game
Warden of the Year. A State Game Warden for nine years, Wedin was
given the award by Governor Peter Shumlin in recognition of his
excellent service on April 26, in Montpelier.

“I want to thank you for your outstanding performance in
protecting Vermont’s fish and wildlife resources and serving the
people of Vermont,” said Governor Shumlin. “We all appreciate your
professionalism, excellent law enforcement work, your training of
other wardens and your outreach to the public at speaking
engagements, including schools.”

Lt. Curtis Smiley, Wedin’s supervisor, commended him for his
work ethic, his ability to conduct thorough investigations, his
efforts in building community support for fish and wildlife law
enforcement, acting as the department’s spokesperson in his
community, providing training to other game wardens, and his
dedication to the duties of a State Game Warden.

Warden Wedin’s district includes the towns of Sheldon, Fairfax,
Fletcher, Franklin, Enosburg, Montgomery, Richford, Bakersfield,
Fairfield, Fairfax, Waterville, Belvidere, and Eden.

Shikar-Safari Club International, a private wildlife
conservation group, sponsors a warden of the year award in each
state and Canadian province. Wedin received a colorful framed
certificate honoring his selection as Vermont’s State Game Warden
of the Year, provided by Shikar-Safari Club International.

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