Falling into the trap

Last week I took advantage of the nice weather we had here in
the Southern Tier and headed to the local sportsmen’s club for a
few rounds of trap shooting. Trap shooting is something I usually
do after the spring turkey season ends and before the fall bow
season begins, but the sun and warm breeze got me started earlier
than usual. I like shooting trap because it’s challenging, fun, and
something I can do even if my knees are failing. I don’t compete as
do many of the guys with whom I shoot because I don’t have the time
or inclination to drive all over the state shooting registered
targets. Some, if not most, of the guys are more serious about the
sport, but my approach is more casual. Rather than shooting in
registered shoots, I try to improve my personal best score while
not putting a lot of pressure on myself. I don’t think I’m that bad
a shot and usually break all 25 targets in a round at least several
times a summer. Some guys can do that all afternoon, but I’m
satisfied with my shooting even if I do miss one or two.

The guys at the club are a great group and never tire of picking
on one another for any reason whatsoever. “What pleasure do you get
out of making someone miserable?” my wife once asked. “Because it’s
fun,” was the only reason I could give her. Mention the slightest
little problem and you become instant dogmeat for the
others. Complain about missing one target out of 25 and someone
will tell you it’s because “you stink” as a trap shooter. Go
straight and all the acknowledgement you might get is a dull murmur
from one, or (if they’re in a particularly good mood) two of the
guys. Once, one of the members was distressed because he got a
speeding ticket on the way to the club. “That’s because you look
like a criminal,” he was told by one of the other
members. Sympathy? Not a chance. I’ve found it’s best to keep your
mouth shut when you’re around the other guys and wait like a coyote
in the grass for someone to provide an opening. Women just don’t


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