Tuesday, January 31st, 2023
Tuesday, January 31st, 2023

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NM: Weekly Fishing Report

This fishing report, provided by the Department of Game and Fish
and The Fish Phone, has been generated from the best information
available from area officers, anglers, guides and local businesses.
Conditions may vary as stream, lake and weather conditions alter
fish and angler activities.


March 8, 2011


Animas River – The flow is 265 cfs. Fishing is reported as fair
for trout, several browns have been caught along with stocker
rainbows. Best bet is through town at city park using worms and
spinners. Fly anglers are also having good success with bead headed
pheasant tails and woolly buggers.

Chama River – Upper section flow no read due to ice; no report on
the fishing there. Below El Vado Dam, the flow is 98 cfs and the
water is low and a little off color. Not much change here either.
The release out of El Vado has been reduced. Best bet is to use big
nymphs with flash and sparkle over the tail outs of pools and the
obvious seams. Crane fly larva and egg patterns were reported to be
hot flies as well. The stretch below Abiquiu is fishing well. The
river was stocked with 299 triploid rainbow trout last week. It’s
all about black midge larvae and pupa, and baetis nymphs here.
Power Bait and spinners like black Panther Martin’s are also
producing fish on both sections reported.

San Juan River – Upper section-Catch and Release flow is 510 cfs.
The visibility is reported to be two to three feet in the river
below the dam. Despite the murky water, big midge hatches continue
to come off late mornings. Cluster patterns like Griffith’s gnats
work on the gulping fish. Try a single black midge for the sippers.
Egg patterns are also a hot producer right now with peach and
yellow being the best colors. Dark bodied midge larvae and pupa as
well as dark brown baetis are also getting attention.

Lower section – Open waters, fishing is good with night crawlers,
salmon eggs and the same flies as for the upper section.

Abiquiu Lake- Fishing is very slow. The Army Corps of Engineers
have switched over to winter staffing and all but a few primitive
sites are closed for the season. There was very little pressure and
fishing is reported as very slow.

El Vado Lake – Fishing is reported as slow for trout on both sides
of the dam. Some fish have been caught using worms, Power bait and

Heron Lake- Fishing is reported as fair to good for trout along the
shore by the dam and at the boat ramps. Anglers are using roe
sacks, power bait, spinners and worms.

Jackson Lake – The lake is clear of ice. Still not a lot of traffic
and no report, but fishing should be good with warmer weather and
recent stocking. The lake was stocked with 1,500 triploid rainbow
trout last week.

Lake Farmington – Trout fishing is reported as good trolling
spinners like Blue Fox with rainbow holograms and Arnies with red
and gold blades. Also good reports from anglers stripping woolly
buggers from shore.

Morgan Lake – Bass fishing has picked up and is reported as fair to
good. Success has been reported with black jigs, Strike King rodent
baits and 7 inch black Finesse worms.

Navajo Lake – The pike are turning on and being taken close to the
surface using top water lures and Rapala DT yellow perch jerk baits
down to 8 feet. Fish are averaging 30 inches. Trout are reported
being taken at the Pine River boat ramp with worms and spinners. No
report on other species.



Cimarron River – No read on flows below Eagle Nest Dam due to an
equipment failure and no read due to ice near Cimarron. Fishing
conditions are slow due to water levels and cold weather.
Conditions are not likely to improve much until spring when warmer
weather and flows come back up.

Costilla Creek – The flow, no read due to ice near the town of
Costilla. No report due to ice and low flows.

Red River – Flows at Questa no read due to ice and 45 cfs below the
hatchery. Fishing is fair to good for rainbows below the hatchery
with bead head nymphs and various flies. Bait fishermen might try
spinners, salmon eggs or Power Bait.

Rio Grande – Flows are 366 cfs near Cerro and 522 cfs below the
Taos Junction Bridge. Slow for pike, slow for trout, poor for
smallmouth bass. Fishing will improve with some warmer weather. The
river did get a little murky with the warmer temps melting off some
of the lower elevation snowpack. I’ve had better reports on pike
and trout at Pilar. Be persistent and focus on the tail outs of
pools and right below the gravel bars. For trout, try a crane fly
larvae or stonefly nymphs with a trailing caddis pupa or flashback
pheasant tail. Pike hunt by feel. Large streamers that move water
will still get a pike’s attention. Vary your retrieves and change
up the color of your flies to see which ones trigger a bite.

Rio Hondo -Flows are at 8.6 cfs. Lower section at confluence with
Rio Grande is where the only opportunities are until spring. Trout
are slow to fair with various flies, spinners and worms.

Rio Pueblo – Flow, no read due to ice and there is no report this

Cabresto Lake – Frozen over.

Charette Lakes – No report this week.

Clayton Lake – No report this week.

Eagle Nest Lake – The lake is frozen over and open to ice fishing.
The lake is now open to snowmobiles and 4-wheelers but not sure how
long this will be allowed. Please check before going. Use caution
and watch out for thin ice and pressure pockets. Ice thickness is
now at 12 inches. Fishing is reported as good for trout and perch
with most methods taking fish. Best bet is jigs tip with roe, Power
bait and salmon eggs.

Lake Alice and Lake Maloya- Very little pressure due to the
weather. No report.

Maxwell Lakes – No report this week.

Santa Cruz Lake – No report. The lake was stocked with 3,300
triploid rainbow trout last week.

Shuree Ponds – Closed Dec. 31 and reopens July 1, 2011.

Springer Lakes – Water levels are low and there has been light

West-Central, including the Jemez Mountains


Jemez River, East Fork, Guadalupe and San Antonio – Flow on the
Jemez River is 33 cfs. There is a little bit of a runoff pattern on
the stream gauge but not enough to affect fishing. The main stem
Jemez was stocked for winter fishing a week ago. Fish are taking
small dries and small nymphs presented on a dry dropper rig. As far
as flies go, use buoyant fry flies to suspend a bead head dropper.
Keep the droppers on the small side like #16-18.

Metro Drainages – Trout fishing is reported as good for trout with
all methods taking fish.

Bluewater Lake – Fishing is reported as slow but pressure has
picked up a bit.

Cochiti Lake – Reports of a few fishermen out but no success to
report. The lake is frozen over on the northern side.

Fenton Lake – Frozen over; no ice fishing will be allowed due to
unstable conditions. Upper Cebolla above the lake is fishing good
for trout. Many anglers catching fish with most methods

Tingley Beach – Special notice: Tingley Beach will be closed at 4
p.m. Friday, March 11, to prepare for the 5th annual Tingley Beach
Free Fishing Derby on Saturday, March 12. Don’t miss the 5th annual
Tingley Beach Free Fishing Derby on Saturday, March 12 from 7 a.m.
to 4 p.m. Catch a tagged trout to win prizes donated by local
fishing stores. In addition, the first 20 kids, 8 years and
younger, to catch a trout and bring it to the prize table will
receive a Pirates of the Caribbean sleeping bag. Trout fishing in
the South/Catch and Release Pond has been fair. Good reports from
fly-rod anglers using midge emergers and black bunny leeches. No
reports on dry flies this week but the warm afternoons are sure to
bring up some midge hatches. Children’s and Central Ponds – Trout
fishing has been great. Anglers are catching fish on almost every
kind of bait and tackle. The Red River hatchery delivered more than
1,500 triploid rainbow trout last week and another 251 this

East-Central, including the Pecos River


Coyote Creek – Flow is .71 cfs. The water is low and fishing is
slow with no pressure.

Pecos River – No read on flows near Pecos due to ice. The fishing
is on the slow side but really improving with the warmer weather.
There is good fishing down at Villanueva State Park if you can get
it on a weekday. Not much for dry fly fishing yet, so stick to
nymphs. Egg patterns, red or green copper johns, prince nymphs, and
scuds tend to fool most of the stocked fish. For the browns and
holdover rainbows, show them a zebra midge or juju baetis or flash
back pheasant tail.

Conchas Lake – Water is low and in the 40 degree temp range.
Fishing is reported as picking up for crappie several fish caught
in the 2 pound range. The large and small mouth bass are fishing
fair. A few walleye are being taken. All fish are being caught in
30-40 feet of water drifting minnows.

Morphy Lake – The lake reopens April 1.

Santa Rosa Lake – Lake levels are good but water temps are still
cold. Walleye and crappie are starting to turn on and should
improve as weather warms up. Fish are being caught at 30 feet or
more using jigs and jigs with minnows.

Storrie Lake – Fishing is reported as fair for trout using
fireballs and cheese. The lake was stocked with 3,620 triploid
rainbow trout last week.

Sumner Lake – Winter trout waters, stilling basin – Slow for all
species. No good reports from the lake. Fair below the Dam for
stocker Rainbow Trout, using power baits. One angler caught three
channel catfish using cheese bait.

Ute Lake – Between the wind and chilly weather there has not been
much fishing pressure. A few walleye have been caught at 40-60 feet
deep on Leprechaun swim slabs and also minnows fished Texas rigged.
White bass are schooled up pretty tight. Horseshoe has been my
favorite spot slabbing in 40-45 feet of water. A few Smallies and
Channel cats have also been eating the same baits in the same
places as the Whites.




Gila River – The flow is 65 cfs and fishing is slow with very
little pressure.

Rio Grande – The flow is 3.57 cfs below Elephant Butte Dam. Fishing
is slow to fair with some walleye being caught in the deep holes
with shiners.

Bill Evans Lake: Winter trout waters – Fishing for trout is slow to
fair using Power Bait and worms. Also, trolling is reported as slow
to fair when using spinners.

Caballo Lake – Fishing is generally slow with light pressure. Water
levels are low and will remain so until spring. Reports remain the
same. Anglers having success are fishing the deeper holes but
fishing for all species is slow. Minnows and nightcrawlers are
working the best for now.

Elephant Butte Lake – Fishing pressure has picked up a bit with the
warmer weather. Mixed reports on the white bass but no report on
what is working. Small mouth bass are reported as fair when using
shiners or white and green slabs and crank baits. The fish are
reported as scattered and being caught all over the lake. Catfish
are reported as fair with shrimp. Stripers are turning on by the
dam. Anglers are using bluegill and white bombers. Crappie are
reported as slow. No report on other species.

Glenwood Ponds – Fishing has been slow with light pressure.

Lake Roberts – Fishing is reported as fair to good for trout using
bobbers with worms and Power Bait 4 feet below surface.

Quemado Lake – No report.

Snow Lake – No report.



Black River – Flow is 5.8 cfs. Fishing is reported as fair for
trout using worms, salmon eggs and Power Bait.

Bonito Creek – No report.

Rio Ruidoso – Flow is 2 cfs. Water levels are very low but due to
recent stocking fishing is reported as slow. Fish are holding in
deeper holes. Power Bait, worms and salmon eggs are reported as
working for stocker sized trout.

Bonito Lake – The lake closed for the season Nov. 30 and reopens
April 1.

Bottomless Lakes: Winter trout waters – Good for trout when using
worms, spinners, Power Bait and salmon eggs. Some fish reported in
the 18 – 20 inch range. Light pressure during the week but the
lakes can get busy during weekends when weather is warmer. Pasture
and Devils Ink Well are the two lakes in the park being

Brantley Reservoir – There has been light pressure and no current
report. A mandatory catch and release is in place at Brantley Lake
from the dept. of Game and Fish. Pesticides, DDT’s have been found
in the fish, do not keep or eat them.

Grindstone Reservoir – Fishing is reported as slow for trout using
spinners, marshmallows, worms, Power Bait and salmon eggs. The lake
was stocked with 2,999 triploid rainbow trout last week.

Lake Van: Winter trout waters – Fair for trout when using worms,
spinners, Power Bait and salmon eggs. No report on other

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