A quick rundown of Minnesota Outdoor News bits

As always, there’s lots going on in the state’s outdoor realm.
Here are some of the highlights, and things to watch for:

• It seems clear that a study of what’s killing moose in
northeastern Minnesota will go forward. The study was one of 17
projects for which the previous Legislative-Citizens Commission on
Minnesota Resources recommended funding, but that the new LCCMR had
questions about. It also seems clear that new Republican majorities
in the House and Senate mean changes to the LCCMR bill, which many
people over the years have contended is full of projects that
aren’t in line with the mission of the lottery-funded Environment
and Natural Resources Trust Fund.

This is one worth watching.

• Check out this week’s and last week’s Outdoor News for stories
that detail concerns state officials have had about farmed deer and
elk getting into the wild. While officials can’t say for sure where
the CWD in the wild deer in the southeast came from, it’s pretty
clear to most observers that it caught the disease from an elk farm
where four animals tested positive. Two years before the wild deer
tested positive, DNR officials were raising red flags about the
apparent ease with which wild deer were getting into the fenced

• The Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council, which recommends
spending from the Outdoor Heritage Fund, will elect a council chair
at its meeting next week. Ryan Bronson is interested in the
position, and it’s likely other citizen members are, too.

• The DNR is more than halfway to reaching its sampling goal of 900
deer in the chronic wasting disease area in southeastern Minnesota.
So far, none have tested positive. Shooting is set to wrap up
sometime later this month.

• Expect to see the beginnings of a Game and Fish bill this week or
next. House and Senate committees already have heard some of the
proposals that could make it into such a bill, and the DNR also has
some proposals it plans to unveil in coming days. It’s likely much
of the bill will be similar to last year’s bill, which then Gov.
Tim Pawlenty vetoed.


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