Where there’s smoke, there’s fire

The Ohio Division of Forestry is reminding Ohioans to comply
with state laws during March, April and May when open burning is
banned between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

“Most people are surprised to learn Ohio usually has about 500
spring wildfires, which burn around 3,000 acres annually,” said
Robert Boyles, chief of the Division of Forestry, in a news

“Longer daylight hours, lower humidity, and gusty spring winds
increases the risk of wildfires. We urge caution outside because it
only takes a little wind to cause a debris fire to escape control
and spread.”

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency bans burning leaves and
other yard waste within a municipal corporation or a restricted
area near a municipality.

Rules also prohibit open burning within 1,000 feet of an
inhabited building on a neighboring property, the news released

Ohio laws bar the burning of garbage, dead animals, or material
containing rubber, grease, or petroleum, such as tires.

The Forestry Division offered the following safety tips when it
comes to open burning:

• Consider using a 55-gallon drum with a weighted screen lid to
provide an enclosed incinerator.

• Know weather conditions, have suppression tools on hand, and
stay nearby the debris burn.

• Know, and comply with, state and local burning

• Consult local fire departments for information and safety

• Consult the ODNR and Ohio EPA for a summary of outdoor burning
regulations. For more, click here.

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