It’s enough to Drive a Sane Gun Hater Crazy, if that’s Possible… They’re Already Crazy

This past week, Las Vegas hosted the largest gun show in the
country. The Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show and Conference
(SHOT Show) is the biggest and most comprehensive trade show for
all professionals involved with the shooting sports and hunting
industries. It is the world’s premier exposition of combined
firearms, ammunition, archery, cutlery, outdoor apparel, optics,
camping and related products and services. The SHOT Show attracts
buyers from all 50 states and more than 100 countries. The SHOT
Show is owned and sponsored by the National Shooting Sports
Foundation (NSSF) and is produced and managed by Reed Exhibitions.
If you buy or sell anything related to the shooting sports you were
probably at the SHOT show.

It was tough not to find an article or two in just about every
mainstream media outlet that didn’t find some fault with the NSSF
holding its trade show so close to when the Tucson, AZ shooting
happened. Check out some of the amazing headlines that were spawned
by SHOT.

“World’s Largest Gun Show Launches in Las Vegas Despite
Arizona Shooting”

“In an Ocean of Firearms, Tucson Is Far Away”

“Arizona Shootings Spur Gun Sales In Vegas”

Which leads to the question: Is there an anti-gun media

I guess it depends on which side you sit. If you’re a pro-gun
advocate of course there is a media bias. Most of the mainstream
media outlets use every opportunity they can to pound home their
point that it’s not people that kill people; it’s guns. They can
really flex their editorial muscle whenever some crazy steps out of
the shadows and uses a firearm to wreak havoc on innocents.

On the other hand, if you are an anti-gun zealot the mainstream
media isn’t taking this argument far enough. They howl that the
pages should scream for all guns to be banned and the National
Rifle Association (NRA) is made up of neanderthals who just want to
wave their weapons.

I myself believe that every time the anti-gun crowd can take
advantage of a tragedy like we saw in Arizona it should be a
wake-up call to those that believe in their freedom to possess a
firearm. Every time there is an editorial in the local paper, fire
back with two supporting gun ownership. If you don’t belong to the
NRA, dig out your credit card and sign up. You may not agree with
everything they do, but it is the only firewall between the
politicians that listen to the angry anti-gunners and your gun
safe. Never for a minute can we rest in our quest to maintain the
gun rights we so often take for granted. There are too many with
the power of the pen trying to take them away.

Think about it. I’m heading to the sporting goods store to stock
up on some more ammunition.


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