Time to Rethink the Rules for Ohio Gun Deer Hunters

PCRs – pistol-cartridge rifles – are not P.C., politically
correct, in Ohio for deer-gun season and it is time to rethink

In fact, the time is past due to revisit the entire issue of what
arms are legal for deer here, given the tremendous changes in arms
and ammunition in recent years. What we have now is an aging set of
rules onto which any number of Bandaids have been applied in a
piecemeal fashion. Getting it done one gun or one model at a time
leads only to confusion.

It’s OK now, for instance, to have a chopped-down, Rossi
lever-action because it’s ruled a pistol, but not OK to have a
carbine-stocked Rossi Judge because it a six-shooter rifle. Huh?
Oh, the three-shot plug rule for shoulder arms. Go figure.

It’s OK to have a 12-gauge with a rifled barrel and scope firing
high-tech saboted rounds with a 200-yard point-blank effective
range and enough power to kill a moose, but not OK to carry a
single-shot black-powder .45/70 buffalo rifle that struggles to
compete with the modern slug-gun’s ballistics.

Muzzleloaders? My old .54 Hawken caplock with lead, conical bullets
is considered a has-been (except by me) in these days of modern
scoped in-lines with 150-grain pelleted charges behind saboted
modern bullets that compete afield with high-tech slug guns or even
some centerfire rifles. Many examples abound.

Read more on this subject in the Jan. 7 edition of Ohio Outdoor

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