Great Question: Who can grant permission to hunt private property?

Q: Since a lot of private land is rented land, it can be
confusing as to whom I should ask for permission to hunt that land.
Who has the final say on giving permission?

A: This is a great question, and one that can be confusing and can
get people into trouble if they do not know the answer. Minnesota
law [M.S. 97B.001 subd. 2] gives equal status, and equal authority,
to the owner, occupant or lessee (renter) of the lands to grant or
deny access to private lands. Therefore, it is important to know to
whom hunters and other recreationalists may be speaking with and
what link that person may have to that piece of property.

This underscores the importance of seeking permission early.
Waiting too long may not allow for enough time to track down the
person or persons who have the authority to grant permission in
time for the season opener. As deer hunting season opens, it is
important for all deer hunters to know where they are at all times,
and ask permission of the landowner, occupant and/or renter before
venturing onto private property. Remember, respect private property
and always ask first.

More information related to the trespass law can be found in the
2010 Minnesota Hunting and Trapping Regulations beginning on page

– Wayne Edgerton, MN DNR Agricultural Policy & Private Lands

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