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I very seldom write letters to the editor but in this case I
couldn’t resist.

This is in regards to the letter from Dick Stern of Silver Bay,
Minnesota needs to change its ‘deer culture’.

I do have to say that if Dick knows about this problem and
thinks it so wide spread he should do something about it. Telling
your relatives they can not bring the deer to your house will not
fix the problem. Blaming the registration stations will not fix the
problem. You can now register your deer online. So Dick, it has to
start with you and the ethics you’re trying to bring forward. This
is one of the reasons we have the TIP line. Make the phone call,
save some of the deer and in the process your relatives will learn
not everybody is doing this. This is the only real way that a
problem like this will get solved.  One phone call at a time along
with educating the next generation as to what’s right and what’s

I’m a fourth generation deer hunter from north eastern,MN (Grand
Marias) and have taught the fifth generation the ethics of
hunting. They would not hesitate reporting any thing unlawful that
they seen or heard about in the woods, no matter who it was!

Don Hill

24595 Iberia Ave.

Lakeville,MN  952-303-9333


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