Wisconsin Cuffs

District 10 — Wautoma area

Warden Mike Young, of Shiocton, contacted a boater exceeding the
speed limit in a no-wake area and operating at night without
lights. The operator was arrested for boating OWI.

Warden Jeff Knorr, of Fremont, assisted Winnebago County with a
two-boat collision on the Wolf River. It was a near head-on
collision, but no major injuries occurred. One boater hit shore and
ended up in a cattail swamp on state land. The owner was given
directions to make arrangements to have the boat removed. Knorr
continues to receive calls regarding the Wolf River and high-speed
boat operation.

Warden Dave Algrem, of Wautoma, received a call about a lakeshore
owner who drove his ATV on the lake bed in front of his cottage to
disk down aquatic and terrestrial plants growing there. The law
prohibits driving any motor vehicle on a lake bed, and removal of
plants is allowed, but is limited. The subject was cited for both

Warden Algrem and a DATCP official inspected a Waushara County deer
and elk farm and found the farmer had taken in a fawn from outside
his pens and had kept it for about a year inside a barn. The deer
was euthanized; it could not be returned to the wild after being
imprinted on the farmer and being held on a deer farm. This deer
farmer will be facing enforcement actions by the DNR and DATCP for
these violations.

Warden Bryan Lockman, of New London, issued a citation to a
fisherman on the Wolf River who had an undersized northern

Warden Lockman observed two individuals fishing from shore and
neither had fishing licenses. A citation was issued. He also gave
citations and warnings to several boaters, mainly on the Wolf
River, for no-wake, boating equipment, and registration

District 11 — Peshtigo area

In August, every warden on the Peshtigo team was called upon by
sheriff’s departments, the Forest Service, and drug enforcement
agencies for tactical security and eradication assistance with the
massive removal of thousands of marijuana plants at several wooded
pot farm locations in Oconto and Marinette counties.

Warden Dave Oginski Jr., of Wausaukee, worked ATVers in August and
issued citations for speed, registration, and safety issues.

Warden Oginski contacted a subject in the Menominee River Natural
Area who said that he was picking berries. Oginski followed the
man’s track and found an illegal stand on state land, illegal bait,
and damage to a tree with screw-in steps. The subject was located,
and enforcement action was taken.

Warden Matt Meade, of Crivitz, investigated an ATV accident where
the driver had not completed ATV safety. A citation was issued.
Meade also issued citations to several ATV riders who were running
on a road.

Warden Joe Paul, of Lakewood, assisted Oconto County deputies with
a traffic stop where loaded guns, cocaine, and drug paraphernalia
were located. Paul issued citations for the loaded guns.

Warden Paul received calls from three separate bear hunters on
three days that had dogs killed by the Peshtigo Brook wolf pack
near Old 64 and Hwy. 64 in Brazeau. All three have been confirmed
as wolf kills.

A subject was found guilty in Oconto County court in an illegal
deer shining and shooting case from the fall of 2009. The subject
also was found guilty of possessing a firearm as a felon. The
subject received 10 days in jail, one year of probation, 40 hours
community service, three years of license revocation, and will pay
$3,500 in fines and attorney fees. In addition, the same subject is
currently facing related criminal hunting charges in Door and Brown

Warden Mike Stahl, of Oconto Falls, responded to a captive deer
escape in Lena. Some dogs got into a deer pen and one deer escaped
the pen while being chased. The deer owner ended up shooting the
deer several days later and sent the head in for CWD testing. The
pen had to be repaired and the dog owner was cited by the sheriff’s
department for allowing the doge to run at large.

Warden Stahl responded to a fish kill on Porcupine Lake. A large
number of crappies were found dead. Four were kept for testing, but
there were more than 300 dead fish. Stahl and DNR Fisheries
biologist Dave Rowe found the oxygen levels were low due to the
algae problem.

Warden Mark Schraufnagel, of Shawano, cited an individual for
shooting at a turkey that was in his garden. He shot from his
bathroom window with a .22 rifle.

Warden Schraufnagel observed a boat pulling a skier with no
observer on Long Lake. He made contact with the boat operator, who
was arrested for boating OWI.

Warden Jim Horne, of Shawano, responded to a call about a trout
stream that had turned orange after some of the roadside vegetation
had been sprayed. Horne took samples and met with the supervisor.
Horne learned what chemicals had been used and sent samples to the
state lab.

Warden Horne responded to a farm where a calf was killed and eaten.
Horne took photos and forwarded the information to DATCP.

Warden Horne responded to a boating accident in Oconto County on
Wheeler Lake. The victim was flown to Wausau. The accident is still
under investigation.

District 12 — Green Bay area and Northeast Operations Marine

Warden Chris Kratcha, of Sturgeon Bay, presented 25- and 20-year
service awards to hunter safety instructors Jay and Sue

Warden Kratcha observed a boat fisherman keep a short smallmouth in
Riley’s Bay. Upon contact, the man had four short smallies and
several round gobies in his livewell. The fisherman claimed the
bass were biting so fast he didn’t have time to measure them.
Regarding the gobies, the man stated he did not know what they
were, but was going to try and eat them. The fisherman was cited
for the short bass and all of the bass were released alive. A
warning was issued for possession of the gobies.

Warden Andy Lundin, of Green Bay, cited a man who shot a muskrat
with a 12 gauge while waterfowl hunting.

Regional Warden Byron Goetsch, of Green Bay, provided GPS,
electronic mapping, and plat book instruction to warden recruits,
wardens from the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission,
and a forest ranger at the State Patrol Academy,  as part of their
law enforcement training.

Warden Darren Kuhn, of Kewaunee, observed two adults fishing from a
small rowboat on Shaes Lake. They did not have any PFDs. The boat
owner was cited for failing to have PFDs in the boat.

Warden Kuhn contacted a boat on Heidmann Lake with three people
fishing from it. There was only one wearable and one throwable PFD
on board. The boat owner was cited and ordered off the water.

Warden Kuhn contacted a group of six fishermen returning to their
vehicle after fishing the Kewaunee River. The group had four
undersized brown trout and they had cleaned their fish along the
river, leaving the entrails on the bank. One man claimed the trout
and was cited for possession of undersized fish. The group was
warned for the littering violation.

Warden David Allen responded to a barn fire and later assisted the
farmer in contacting the proper DNR personnel in order to expedite
his cleanup process.

Warden Robert Stroess, of Manitowoc, investigated a call about
hundreds of gallons of refuse (household garbage, chairs,
chemicals, used oil) being dumped on a rural property. He
identified the two people who dumped the items because they didn’t
want to pay for disposal in a landfill. It would have cost them an
estimated $20 to dispose of the refuse in the landfill, but each
will be cited for littering in the amount of $389.50.

Warden Stroess and two deputies were at the English Lake boat
landing where two men in a paddleboat had been fishing and had been
coming toward the landing. When they saw the officers, they turned
around and went to a cottage. Stroess drove around the lake and met
them at the shoreline as they were putting their fishing equipment
in a shed. One angler did not have a fishing license and was issued
a citation.

Northeast Operations Marine Unit

No report available.

District 13 — Oshkosh area

Warden Michael Disher, of Chilton, investigated multiple calls of
environmental, boating, PWC, and fishing violations in August.
Disher also assisted with federal and state search warrants for a
local game farm and an unlicensed taxidermist. Enforcement action
was taken for violations.

Warden Kyle Kosin, of Fond du Lac, contacted a boater on Long Lake
due to expired registration. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Ben Nadolski, of Waupun, investigated a non-fatal,
self-inflicted hunting incident in Green Lake County. A 13-year-old
boy was shooting gophers in his father’s yard with a .22 rifle. The
subject shot himself in the foot while attempting to shoot down the
gopher hole between his feet.

Warden Nadolski worked boating enforcement in Dodge County with
Dodge County Recreation Patrol Deputy Matoushek. Citations for no
PFDs and expired boat registration were issued. Many warnings also
were given. Nadolski also arrested one boat operator for OWI.

District 14 — Sheboygan area

Warden Clutter, of Adel, found an improvised bomb on DNR land. The
bomb squad was contacted, and the device was disarmed.

Warden Matt Groppi, of Port Washington, concluded a lengthy
investigation of a subject running a charter fishing service
without a sport-trolling license and failing to file sport-trolling

Warden Groppi was reviewing DNR license records and found three
West Bend men who bought licenses during a period of revocation or
suspension. One man had a warrant for his arrest and was under
administrative suspension for not paying DNR citations. The other
two were both revoked by Montana and bought licenses in

Warden Bob Lee, of Slinger, issued several citations for fishing
and boating violations.

Warden Lee and deputy warden Bill Mitchell investigated a prior
call from a lake resident who reported, “Jet ski operators are
violating every law on the books.” Lee and Mitchell observed a
PWCer operating at a high speed while the driver, facing backwards
without the kill switch lanyard, drove close to a second PWC. The
second operator also did not have the kill switch lanyard attached
and was driving at high speed next to the first machine. The second
young man was found not to have a boating safety certificate.

District 15 — Milwaukee area

No report available.

District 16 — Racine, Kenosha area

Warden Juan Gomez, of Kenosha County, worked with Illinois wardens
and contacted a man Gomez revoked last year for being over his
limit of perch. Due to the violator compact, the man was revoked in
all participating states, Illinois being one of them. The man had
been fishing in Illinois this summer while revoked. The man was
written five citations by Illinois wardens and is facing up to five
years of additional revocation.

Warden Gomez arrested one individual for  boating OWI during a Lake
Beulah boating tie-up group check.

Warden Jason Roberts, of Delevan, organized an OWI group check on
Lake Beulah. Roberts and East Troy officers arrested five
individuals for boating OWI and for several other safety

Warden Roberts observed an ATV being operated on a major highway at
a high speed with a 4-year-old child and mother riding on the back.
The child did not have a helmet and the ATV was not registered.
Roberts escorted the driver back to his home. As the man entered
his garage, the ATV suddenly accelerated and crashed through the
side of the garage. Roberts checked the driver and passengers and
found no major injuries. Roberts issued two citations.

District 17 — Madison area

Warden Dave Wood, of Madison, received calls about boaters
harassing ducks on Lake Waubesa. One boater lured in ducklings by
feeding them and then grabbed one and spiked it on the water. The
other was a PWC operator driving through a flock of ducks, hitting
one, and then turning around and driving over the injured duck

Warden Boyd Richter, of Janesville, issued citations at the
Indianford Dam to subjects fishing without licenses and netting
minnows within 200 feet of the dam.

Warden Richter issued a citation to an angler at the Storr’s Lake
boat launch who had three undersized largemouth bass.

Warden Richter had neighboring wardens from Madison come to the
Newville area to work OWI enforcement on a weekend day. Three
boaters were arrested for OWI.

Warden Ryan Ellifson, of Jefferson, checked anglers and found that
a female angler in the group had three active warrants out of
Waukesha County. Ellifson transported her to the Jefferson County
jail. She also was cited for fishing without a license.

Wardens Tyler Strelow, of Madison, and Dave Walz, of Watertown,
observed an illegal bank pole set for snapping turtles. Two
subjects had seven illegal bank poles out and had three large
snapping turtles. When the wardens pulled the illegal poles, there
were two more large snapping turtles on the poles. All five turtles
were released. Strelow issued two citations to the two subjects for
taking turtles by illegal methods.

Wardens Walz and Paul Nell, of Horicon, investigated a call about
an archery deer hunter shooting two bucks last year in Marquette
County. The investigation showed the son shot an 8-pointer and then
a few weeks later a larger 11-pointer, which he had his father
register. A report was forwarded to warden Judi Nigbor, of
Montello, for issuance of citations. A deer head was seized.

Warden Nathan Kroeplin, of Madison, worked an enforcement effort on
Mazomanie Beach with deputy warden Kevin Miller. The beach was busy
due to beautiful weather. They arrested a male and female for
disorderly conduct on the beach for engaging in inappropriate
sexual activity on the main part of the beach.

Warden Kroeplin cited an angler at Babcock Park for fishing without
a license and for providing false information (fake license). He
also arrested an OWI boater on Lake Koshkonong.

District 18 — Poynette area

Warden John Buss, of Sauk City, and deputy warden Travis Hilliard
almost got hit by a boat when they were operating on the water. The
driver was arrested for boating OWI. Buss issued 15 citations in

Warden Heather Gottschalk, of Beaver Dam, assisted with a three-day
learn to hunt bear program in Price County, then worked the
following two days with Forest Service Ranger Matt Sherrel.
Gottschalk also arrested three OWI boaters on Lake Okauchee in

Warden Michael Green, of the Dells, received a call about an
individual dropping his shorts and revealing his genitals to
individuals on another boat on the Upper Dells. Green located the
man on a beach. The individual stated he did not flash the people
on the boat and that he actually had a leopard-skin thong on and
started to show it to Green before being directed to stop. The
individual was warned to keep his shorts on.

Warden Dave Horzewski, of Reedsburg, traveled to Hillpoint for an
annual Amish gathering. The evening was followed up by a meeting
with the group regarding upcoming rule changes and community

Warden Horzewski worked boating enforcement on Lake Wisconsin on
several occasions. One boater was arrested for OWI, while five
boaters were cited for violating the no-wake zone, one boater was
cited for skiing without an observer, and two people were cited for
allowing underage operation.

Warden Horzewski worked the Wisconsin River in Sauk City to search
the river using both side-scan sonar and topwater for a missing
person who jumped off of the Hwy. 60 bridge. On the third day, he
located the body of the subject about 1.5 miles downstream of where
the subject had jumped. Horzewski met with the Columbia County
sheriff and transported him to the scene and assisted in the
removal of the body by transporting fire personnel in his

Warden Paul Nadolski, of Poynette, received calls about people
keeping short bass, untagged turtle traps, and fishing without
licenses. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Nadolski made several arrests for boating OWI.

District 19 — Dodgeville area

Warden Rick DeWitte, of Cassville, was checking fishing licenses
below the Dubuque lock and dam when he noticed one angler pack up
and walk away. The man got into his vehicle and drove away. DeWitte
contacted the angler along the road following a traffic stop. The
angler stated that he had an Illinois license, but not with him (an
Illinois license is not valid on the Wisconsin-Iowa boundary
waters). Enforcement action was taken. The man also had two
warrants for his arrest and was transported to jail.

Wardens Marty Stone, of Fennimore, and DeWitte were contacted by
the Grant County Sheriff’s Department with a request for assistance
from the Grant River Corps of Engineers campground rangers. Two
individuals, operating PWCs prior to dark, had engine trouble and
were floating in the Mississippi River. DeWitte and Stone
responded, but prior to their arrival a citizen had towed the
PWCers to shore. Neither machine was registered and one was missing
a fire extinguisher. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Joe Frost, of Dodgeville, found a vehicle parked illegally
along the Wisconsin River. The four occupants were charged with
possession of drug paraphernalia and operating a vehicle in an
unauthorized area.

Warden Frost worked at Blackhawk Lake and issued citations for
fishing without a license, underage drinking, obstruction, and
providing alcohol to underage persons.

Warden Frost assisted with the learn to hunt bear event in Price
County. Nine bears were harvested by 17 participants. While LTH
participants were hunting their baits, wardens Frost and Bayer
located an illegal bear bait in another part of the county. The
next morning Frost found one person training hounds without wearing
a backtag. One individual in the group was cited for the illegal

Warden Jeff King, of Lafayette County, and deputy warden Charles
Earhart made contact with a fisherman fishing on the Wisconsin
River in Sauk County. As the wardens approached, the fisherman
dumped a bucket of minnows into the river. The man also was in
possession of a seine on VHS-listed waters. The man was cited for
releasing minnows into the Wisconsin River.

Warden Jeff King responded to a rollover ATV crash in Elk Grove on
a county highway. The victim was treated and released at an area
hospital for a head injury. He was not wearing a helmet. The victim
later was cited for operating an ATV while having a prohibited
alcohol concentration.

Warden Jeff King issued a water pollution citation to an area
cheese co-op for water pollution. The co-op is working on remedying
its discharge situation.

Wardens Jeff King and Jon King, of Dodgeville, investigated a fatal
ATV crash on Larse Road near South Wayne. The teenage operator was
riding his ATV on a road when it left the road, striking a culvert,
ejecting the operator, and rolling over. The operator was not
wearing his helmet. Alcohol and speed were contributing

Recreational vehicle enforcement continues to be a priority in
Lafayette County. Warden King investigated a call of a UTV on a
Wiota Township road that is not a signed route. King also contacted
a PWC operator on Yellowstone Lake for not having taken a boating
safety class. The operator was towing a tuber without an observer,
and the PWC did not have registration. Also, an ATV operator was
riding his ATV with extremely loud after-market exhaust on an ATV
trail. Citations were issued in each of the cases.

Warden Jeff King found an unattended fishing pole and line in the
Pecatonica River at the Blackhawk County Park near Woodford. The
fisherman was found sleeping in his tent. King made contact with
the fisherman, who said he went to sleep and left the line out all
night. The fisherman was cited for fishing with an unattended

Warden Marty Stone, of Fennimore, while patrolling the Mississippi
River, made multiple contacts for boats with loud exhaust and other
boating violations. Stone also arrested one intoxicated boat

Warden Supervisor Chuck Horn announced his retirement this month
after 31 years of service to the state of Wisconsin.

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