Wednesday, February 1st, 2023
Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

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Crawford County WCO Mario L. Piccirilli reports seeing a doe last
year in the area of Pymatuning Lake with her front left hoof
totally missing. “While on patrol in early September, I was
relating the story to Deputy WCO John Reuschlein as we were
patrolling through the same area,” he said. “As if on cue, the same
doe without a left hoof emerged from the woods and onto the roadway
followed by her two fawns.”

Jefferson County WCO Roger A. Hartless successfully prosecuted a
deer propagator from Brockway whose pen-raised deer escaped onto
SGL 54 and other surrounding properties. Releasing captive-held
deer is a violation of Game Commission regulations. Since the
escape, two of the deer have been located, but four still remain at
large. Anyone observing live or dead agricultural ear tagged deer
in the Brockway or SGL 54 area are asked to report the sighting to
the agency’s Northwest Region Office.

Mercer County WCO Lawrence R. Hergenroeder said trapping efforts to
band ducks in the district have been successful. Many wood ducks in
the area have been banded. The banding effort will end 30 days
prior to the opening of the regular duck season on Oct. 9.


Allegheny County WCO Dan Puhala said a local teen has improved the
shotgun range at SGL 203 for his senior project. Bill Wight, of
Shaler Township, has designed, built and installed shooting
stations on the shotgun range.

Armstrong County WCO Gary Toward said an eagle nest on the Mahoning
Creek Lake has collapsed to the ground. “This is unfortunate
because this nest has been active and the nesting adults have
produced several eaglets over the past few years,” he said. “Eagles
add nesting materials to their nest every year and the nest can
become so large that the tree it is built in cannot support the
weight, and that is what appears to have happened with this

Greene County WCO Randy Crago filed charges against a local man
stemming from a shooting incident from the last spring gobbler
season. This was a serious incident in which the victim lost the
use of one eye in addition to multiple other injuries, he said. One
count of shooting at and causing serious bodily injury to another
person under the Game and Wildlife Code and one count of simple
assault under the Crimes Code were bound over for county court by
District Judge D. Glenn Bates. A trial date has not been set.

Westmoreland County WCO Steve Leiendecker reports that at least 40
geese were harvested at Indian Lake Park in North Huntingdon
Township on the early goose season opener.


Union County WCO Dirk B. Remensnyder said officers are
investigating a case where a fawn deer was caught by the leg in a
body-gripping trap and had to be put down because of

Tioga County WCO Rodney P. Mee and Deputy WCO Mike Youmans
investigated a deer poaching in Charleston Township. The deer was
shot at night from a vehicle. “After several interviews, I filed
charges on two local college students and a third college student
from Ohio,” he said. They were charged with shooting the deer at
night with a light.

Elk County WCO Dick Bodenhorn filed charges on a man who had been
riding an ATV on state game lands and fled the scene instead of
stopping for the overhead lights and commands to stop. The subject
avoided apprehension at the time, only to face much more serious
charges once located.

Lycoming County WCO Kristoffer A. Krebs said, at an Aug. 17 hearing
in Jersey Shore, District Judge Jerry Lepley found a Jersey Shore
man guilty for his part in the unlawful taking of a white-tailed
deer, and ordered him to pay a $500 fine. The deer was killed in
Union Township, Tioga County, by a Williamsport man on the opening
day of the firearms deer season. The individual that killed the
deer did not have a resident Pennsylvania hunting license. The deer
was then transported to a residence in Jersey Shore. It was
discovered there by officers of the Game Commission later that
evening. Both individuals were charged and face loss of their
hunting privileges.

Clearfield County WCO David L. Stewart said that Pennsylvania
Wildlife Habitat Unlimited will host 25 youth pheasant hunters on
Oct. 9. The young hunters will be randomly drawn from the
applications received.


Adams/Cumberland/Franklin Counties LMGS Barry A. Leonard said
extensive upgrades were completed to the shooting ranges on SGL 230
in Cumberland County. New rests were constructed at the handgun
range, and new parking bumpers were constructed at the rifle
ranges. And, the vegetation has been cleared between the shooting
areas and parking lots.

Bedford County WCO Chris Skipper has received reports of poaching
activities on private property within the limits of Bedford
Borough. Evidence suggests crossbows were used and the deer were
left to rot.

York County WCO Michael J. Reeder said calls concerning night
shooting have started, and he has found several carcasses
throughout the district. Night patrols have been stepped up.

Huntingdon County WCO Amy Nabozny caught a black bear in a culvert
trap that was set for research purposes. The bear was tagged
previously. When the tags were looked up in the database, it
revealed that this bear was caught in the same trap in March of
2008 by Nabozny on a nuisance complaint. The bear was relocated up
above Snow Shoe and released. Two years following the release, the
bear was back in the same area as the first capture. In 2008, the
bear weighed in at an estimated 422 pounds. This time, the bear was
estimated around 600 pounds.

Adams County WCO David L. Grove and Somerset County WCO Travis
Anderson investigated a shooting in which a landowner had shot
himself while removing a nuisance groundhog from a box trap. The
landowner said he had never taken an HTE course, and had never
hunted before.

Perry County WCO Steve Hower is investigating reports of a poaching
incident involving a large buck that was shot in the pre-dawn hours
and the antlers (in velvet) were removed.

Adams County WCO Darren J. David said poaching deer and late
spotlighting have already begun. Patrolling has increased.

Adams County WCO Darren J. David said two citations resulted in two
convictions for unlawful horseback riding on state game lands. Two
warnings were issued.

Huntingdon County WCO Richard O. Danley Jr. reports that night
poachers have begun killing deer and leaving them lay in the field.
Recently, an adult doe was shot and left lay in Shirley Township.
While investigating the incident two young fawns were found in the
area. The fawns would not leave their mother, who had been lying in
the field for several days.

Blair/Huntingdon Counties LMGS Brad Myers said this time of year he
and his crews seem to find loads of shingles unlawfully dumped in
game land parking lots in Blair County. “I suspect it is the same
person committing this act,” he said.

Juniata/Mifflin/Perry/Snyder Counties LMGS Steve Bernardi recently
cited a young man for dumping garbage out of his car onto a game
land parking lot in Perry County. The man acknowledged his

Mifflin County WCO Jeffrey G. Mock said it appears the extended
bear season that was held the last two years has had an effect.
“This year, I had three bear complaints compared to 47 last year
and 54 the year before,” he said.

Cumberland County WCO Tim Wenrich said among the cases adjudicated
in August were an illegal dumping case, and a case involving a man
who set a trap to capture nuisance groundhogs, but neglected to
check it. This caused two captured animals to die of starvation and
exposure to elements.


Bradford County WCO Joseph Wenzel recently apprehended a New York
man and his girlfriend on SGL 219 near Warren Center for consuming,
using, and possessing alcohol, unlawful drugs, and related
contraband. “Both individuals have a criminal history of assault
and other charges in New York State,” he said.

Wayne County WCO Frank J. Dooley has been receiving numerous
complaints from sportsmen concerning violations at Game Commission
ranges. After evaluating the complaints, officers conducted a
three-hour range operation. During that time there were nine
written warnings issued as well as 13 verbal warnings and four
citations for gross range violations, including littering, loaded
firearms in vehicles, failure to follow posted regulations and
disorderly conduct.

Sullivan County WCO Rick Finnegan said 34 students passed their HTE
test on Aug. 29 at North Mountain Sportsman’s Club.

Luzerne County WCO James F. Jolley said cutting-edge technology is
more readily available to WCOs. “DNA matching is being utilized,
thanks to the staff at East Stroudsburg University’s wildlife
forensics lab,” he said. “The lab is staffed and accepting evidence
from WCOs. Many cases have already been successfully prosecuted
with their help. The use of DNA analysis is a sign of things to
come as poachers get more and more covert in their

Luzerne County WCO Gerald Kapral said Jim Rosnick was commissioned
as a deputy WCO and will begin his one-year probation period. Also,
Deputy WCO Rick Stefanides recently completed his one-year
probation period.

Wyoming County WCO Victor Rosa said, although readily available,
food products for game species used to bring and hold an animal in
an area still are unlawful to use while hunting. “Products
included, but are not limited to, corn and minerals, such as salt
or the many products stocked at local sporting good stores. While
it is not unlawful to purchase these products, it is unlawful to
use them unless all remains of the enticement have been completely
removed at least 30 days prior to hunting the area.”

Bradford County WCO Vernon Perry III is investigating damage to SGL
36 parking areas along with calls of “bait” being placed in
preparation for archery season.

Bradford County WCO Andrew Troutman is seeking information on the
killing of a 2.5-year-old buck in the Burlington area around the
first week of August. Call the Northeast Region office at (570)
675-4311 with any information.

Columbia County WCO George Wilcox and Northumberland/Montour
Counties WCO Ricky Deiterich assisted at the 15th annual
Columbia/Montour/Northumber-land Youth Field Day held at North
Montour Sportsmen’s Club on Aug. 28.


Lancaster County WCO Derek Daly on the opening day of the early
dove and goose season investigated a hunting-related shooting
incident. “A father became a victim when his son and son-in-law
shot at some geese sitting on a pond,” he said. “The father was on
the opposite side of the pond from them and their shot ricocheted
off the water striking him several times with several penetrating
him deeply. Although it did not appear to be a case where the
victim was within the direct line of fire, it is a reminder of how
shotgun pellets and bullets can travel where you don’t intend,” he
said. The victim was treated at the hospital with minor

Lancaster County WCO Derek Daly, during the first few days of dove
season, came in contact with several hunters who did not have the
required migratory game bird license. “The hunters’ reason for this
is that they told the sales person where they bought their license
that they want everything they need to hunt doves and thought they
were alright,” he said.

Montgomery County WCOs Ray Madden and Chris Heil report that the
Montgomery County Youth Field Day was held at Camp Hart on Aug.

Northampton County WCO Brad Kreider reports that many dove and
early goose hunters have been seeing several mature bald eagles
along the Lehigh and Delaware rivers.

Northampton County WCO Brad Kreider is investigating several large
bucks that officers have picked up from local roads with their
heads or antlers unlawfully cut off or removed.

Northampton County WCO Brad Kreider said depositions given by Game
Commission officers in a three-year-old turkey hunting-related
shooting incident have concluded with all parties agreeing to

Northampton County WCO Brad Kreider reports that Lehigh County
treasurer has opted not to sell antlerless deer licenses beginning
with the 2011-12 hunting season.

Philadelphia/Delaware Counties WCO Jerry Czech assisted the Fish
& Boat Commission with an event on the Delaware River. “The Red
Bull Flugtag was held on the river and teams made flying
contraptions and tried to launch them off a 30-foot ramp into the
Delaware River,” he said. “There were an estimated 80,000 people on
the NJ and PA sides of the river and 350-400 boats. There were no
injuries reported on the river, a few boating under the influence
arrests, and several people were rescued that jumped of boats or
the river walls. Our boat rescued six people who jumped into swim
and could not get back to their boat due to the river current and
no life jackets. We also assisted in a disorderly conduct arrest
for jumping off river wall into river, one non-reportable boat
accident and a BUI arrest,” he said.

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