New planning guide available for youth hunting

Harrisburg — The Pennsylvania Game Commission has published a
new planning guide to assist conservation organizations – or
individual hunters – host a species-specific hunt for eligible
junior hunters.

To view a copy of the new manual, go to the Game Commission
website (, click on “Education” in the menu bar
at the top of the homepage, select “Special Hunts” in the “Special
Events and Programs,” and then choose “Youth Hunt Planning Guide”
in the “Special Hunt Guides.”

Copies of the manual also can be obtained from the Game
Commission’s six region offices and Harrisburg headquarters, as
well as at The Sportsman’s Shop in New Holland, Lancaster County;
The Buck Stops Here in New Florence, Westmoreland County; and
Custer’s Sport Shop in Berlin, Somerset County. In addition,
valuable coupons for these three sporting goods stores can be found
on the inside back cover of manuals obtained from these issuing

“The future of hunting is directly related to the continuing
participation of young Pennsylvanians,” Roe noted. “The goal is to
successfully compete with all the other activities and recreational
opportunities that vie for a young person’s time. It’s truly a
challenge for the Game Commission, as well as Pennsylvania’s one
million hunters.”

Roe noted that this manual complements the agency’s other
booklet specifically directed to those seeking to host a junior
pheasant hunt in their community.

“This new booklet, as well as the planning guide for the junior
pheasant hunt, is a wealth of information and guidance for those
starting from scratch to conduct an event for their club or
organization, or just planning to help a young family member or
neighbor,” Roe said. “We not only encourage seasoned hunters to
offer to share their experience and knowledge with our younger
generations, but the future of hunting and trapping depends on this
exchange and interaction.”

Roe also noted that, this fall, a new junior hunting opportunity
will be unveiled; the junior rabbit season, which will be held Oct.
9-16. The season will be open to those juniors age 12-16, when
properly accompanied by an adult as required by law, with or
without a license. The daily and field possession limits will be
the same as the general rabbit season, four daily and eight in

Roe noted that the junior rabbit season will not be part of the
Mentored Youth Hunting Program, which is for those youth under the
age of 12. The only species eligible for MYHP participants are:
antlered deer, squirrels, groundhogs, spring gobbler and

Other special junior hunting opportunities for those 12 to 16
include seasons for squirrel, pheasant, waterfowl, spring gobbler
and antlerless deer. In addition, juniors can abide by antler
restrictions of one antler at least three inches in length or one
antler with at least two points.


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