Groups seek nationwide ban on traditional ammunition

Washington, D.C. — This week, two environmental groups filed a
petition with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  seeking a
nationwide ban on lead ammunition and lead fishing tackle.

Such a ban would drastically reduce sportsmen numbers and result
in decimated funding for wildlife conservation programs due to a
loss of revenue from licenses and taxes on sporting equipment.

The petition filed was filed under the Toxic Substances Control
Act, which regulates dangerous chemicals, on Aug. 3 by the Center
for Biological Diversity, the American Bird Conservancy and several
other groups. It claims that the use of traditional ammunition is
dangerous to certain types of wildlife, including numerous birds,
which scavenge on parts of game that remain in the field.

The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance and other groups have repeatedly
pointed out that scientific evidence connecting lead ammunition to
the harm of most animal populations is inconclusive. However, there
are real concerns that forcing sportsmen to purchase higher cost,
non-lead ammunition will decrease the number of days spent in the
field as it prices many out of the market.

 “It is important for everyone to remember that the engine that
drives wildlife conservation is fueled by the dollars generated by
the American sportsman,” said Rob Sexton, U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance
vice president for government affairs.

“In fact, sportsmen contribute nearly every dime used for
managing wildlife and habitat preservation from coast to coast.
Given our history of over 100 years of successful wildlife
conservation, you would in essence be killing the goose that laid
the golden egg with this meat cleaver approach.”

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