Deer competition coming to Illinois, new group claims

There’s no indication where they will be, but a new professional
“deer tour” will include Illinois, according to a statement by a
group called “The American Whitetail Authority.”

AWA announced last week the creation of the only professional
whitetail deer hunting competition in the world — the Whitetail Pro
Series. By way of four regional qualifying events held throughout
the country, participating hunters will earn points based on their
performance in the field. The top hunters from each regional will
then compete in a championship event to crown the best deer hunter
in the world.

To launch this exciting endeavor, the American Whitetail
Authority is searching for the country’s premier deer hunters. To
find the man or woman most suited to wearing the world-champion
crown, the American Whitetail Authority will send representatives
across the country, a journey of more than 11,000 miles with stops
at two dozen Bass Pro Shops stores, to interview applicants and
search for the most respected and accomplished hunters known
throughout the cities and areas they visit. AWA officials are
scheduled to be in Illinois on July 20.

“We’re looking for the best hunters, men or women, that this
country can produce,” said Koch. “We want to find those guys that
are known as great hunters in their community—those that have the
experience, knowledge and ability to put a mature whitetail down
year after year regardless of the weather, moon position, hunting
pressure or in the face of any other obstacle most hunters use as
an excuse.”

The American Whitetail Authority’s Whitetail Pro Series will
consist of four events scattered throughout the country. Each event
will host 10 hunters, with the top hunters from each event moving
on to compete in the AWA World Championship. The top performer in
the AWA World Championship will have deservedly earned the title as
the best hunter in the country.

Stay tuned for more details…..

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