WMAs: No longer a Minnesota bonding bill priority?

This week’s Outdoors Insights column focuses on the declining
revenue for wildlife management areas in the Minnesota bonding
bill. The state House and Senate released their versions of the
bonding bills last week, and it wasn’t pretty for WMA acquisition.
Neither body offered more than $1 million for WMAs, which made the
$4 million that Gov. Tim Pawlenty has proposed look downright

In 2002, a special committee released a report examining the
state of our WMAs. Entitled “Minnesota’s Wildlife Management Area
Acquisition – The Next 50 Years,” it advocated for additional,
accelerated spending for WMAs. To see that committee’s complete
recommendations and full report, click here.
The simple conclusion of this scribe: We’re not honoring our
commitment to future generations of outdoorsmen and women.

For more thoughts on WMAs and the bonding bill, see my column,
Page 2, of this week’s Outdoor News. If you’re truly a
glutton for punishment and want to read the full bonding bills,
here is the
version and here is the

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