My first deer . . . my dad’s fifth – Second Place, Junior Prose

I felt someone shaking me. I woke up. It was my dad. “Are you
ready?” he asked. “Ready for what?” “Hunting.” That got me moving.
I jumped up and looked at the clock. It was 6:10 a.m. We were late.
I took a 30-second shower with scentless shampoo then ran to the
basement, put on long underwear, jeans, and a blaze orange hoodie.
My dad did the same. He worked his way to the safe and grabbed our
12-gauge and put on the rifled barrel and found a box of sabot

We got in the car, drove a mile to our property near Bellwin. I
got out of the car, then my dad followed. I grabbed the gun and
slugs and headed towards the stand. My dad followed. By the time we
were in the stand it was roughly 6:45 a.m., about 15 minutes before

We sat up in the stand for about five minutes before something
caught my eye. About 500 yards away was what I thought was a doe,
then another deer, a buck, came towards the edge of the field. Both
deer came at us in a dead run. Both deer were bucks. A few seconds
later they were just about 80 yards away. They stopped.

It was my big chance. I aimed at the larger of the two, an
8-pointer, and fired. I missed. I wasn’t surprised. I was shaking
so badly I could have hit the tree we were in.

My dad grabbed the gun and shot the larger buck, then handed the
gun back to me. It was a good thing, too. The little buck, a
4-pointer, came to about 15 yards. I made an accurate shot right
behind his shoulder. Neither deer stepped an inch.

We jumped down from the stand and had an outdoor photo shoot.
Then we called my mom, told her the news, and went to pick up my
best friend, Parker.

We field-dressed both deer and tagged them. We were done with
this by 8:30 a.m.

After that we all piled into my dad’s car and took the deer to
Hagberg’s in Lake Elmo to get processed. They cut the head off my
deer and put it in a box for me. Then we took it to a

It was the best outdoor experience I have ever had. I’m glad I
got to share it with my dad and my best friend, Parker.

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