First Hunting Adventures – First Place, Senior Poetry

Nature surrounds us,

Me, Dad, and Nug,

Dad and I walking,

Nugget chasing a bug.

Guns by our sides,

Wearing orange vests,

All I can feel is my

Heart in my chest.

Farther we walk,

Down the trail ahead,

“I’m going to flush the birds,

out of the forest,” Dad said.

Alone there I stood,

Scanning nature for grouse.

I suddenly saw one

And became quiet as a mouse.

“Dad, I see one,

a male, in a tree!”

“Then shoot it,” he said,

“You can do it, Katy!”

So up went my gun,

My left eye shut tight.

I focused on that bird,

With all of my might.

Off went my gun,

The shot ringing loud.

I knew that my dad,

Would be ever so proud.

Needless to say,

Later that night,

We enjoyed grouse by the fire,

A special delight.

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