The day I almost regret – Second Place, Junior Prose

I was scared, and there was no one to help me.

“Lizz, can you untie that knot on the dock?” asked my dad.

“Yeah, sure.”

The knot let go and we were off. Finally, we were boating. I put
my life jacket on. I sat down and watched the water.

“The water is rough today. We better be careful,” my dad sounded
a little uneasy.

“Yeah, looks like you’re right,” replied my mom.

My dad turned off the boat. I could hear the waves crashing
against the boat. It sounded like little bits of thunder. We
drifted for a while, and ended up on the other side of the lake. My
dad turned on the engine.

He went so fast! He cut the corner too fast.

Splash! My life jacket was too big. It came off.

I started to go down, down, down. I held my breath.

There was something going up my leg. It hit me, it was a snake.
I panicked. My lungs were burning like the heart of a bonfire. I
was cold, but my lungs were burning hot. My throat was stone dry.
The snake slathered up the side of me. It was getting closer to my

My lungs exploded and I gasped for air, but only sucked in

The water made my lungs burn even more. I felt like I was in the
core of the sun. For the first time in my life, I thought I was
going to die.

My heartbeat was slowing down. I blacked out.


“Lizz! Lizz!”

My parents grabbed me. They saved my life. My eyes opened.

“Lizz? You OK?”

After I dried off I thought for a while.

This won’t make me stay out of the water for long. This just
shows that the water can overpower you. I respect the lake now more
than ever.

The water might be beautiful, but you still have to be careful.
I hope I never feel so helpless again.

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