Saturday, January 28th, 2023
Saturday, January 28th, 2023

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Hunting is a dream – First Place, Junior Poetry

I got up in the morning

When everything was dark

 I stepped outside the door

 And was greeted by a bark

 I told Shep to be quiet

 I didn’t want to wake dad

 Because if he were awakened

 He might get very mad

 I went out in the shop

 And climbed the old shaky stairs

 To get my old brown shotgun

 That was at once for bears

 I grab my new orange hunting vest

 And took the gun from the hook

 Stuffed my ammo in my vest

 And the lane to the woods I took

 The sky was red in the horizon

 And the grass was wet with dew

 The birds were just awakening

 But there were still just a few

I hoped this was my lucky day

 When I would get my big buck

 But I wasn’t sure about it yet

 It would take a bunch of luck

It took me about 10 minutes

‘Til I finally reached my stand

 I climbed out on the platform

 And from there the fields I scanned

 I couldn’t see a single deer

 So I waited quite a while

 Then took out my binoculars

 I could see about a mile

 I still couldn’t see a single deer

 And then I heard it crack

 I whirled around and there he stood

 A buck with a great big rack

 The deer saw me and started off

 Lickety-split down a trail

 I took good aim and made a shot

 I was shaking so bad I got pale

 My heart started beating faster

 And my knees began to sway

 I came down that stand in a jiffy

 And my eyes got big for aye

 I saw a drop of bright red blood

 Where the deer was standing when I shot

 I went a couple of feet or more

 And found another blot

 I tracked for about an hour

 And then I came upon him

 It was the big one we were after

 He had two great big limbs

 I awakened then and looked around

 And then began to scream

 Because I wanted that big buck

 But it was just a dream

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