Jury says Vermont man didn’t interfere with hunter

Barre, Vt. (AP) – A jury has acquitted a Vermont man who faced a
rare charge of interfering with a hunter.

Forty-two-year-old Mark Codling of Cabot was accused of
intentionally interfering with 14-year-old Tyler Barnett from
Stanndard, who was deer hunting on the opening day of rifle season
last November.

The Times Argus reports prosecutor Tom Kelly tried to prove
Wednesday that Codling stood in Barnett’s

“field of fire.” Kelly argued Codling yelled and fired a shot to
scare off deer and intimidate Barnett.

Barnett testified he was loading his gun while holding his
flashlight in his mouth when he heard a whistle and saw another
flashlight. He signaled back, and Codling soon was standing in
front of him. He testified Codling asked why he wasn’t hunting in
Stanndard, then stood below Barnett for up to an hour.

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