Controlled hunt deadline extended until June 1: Draw and results notification also delayed

Salem, Ore. – ODFW has extended the controlled hunt deadline
until June 1 due to the large volume of applications and a slowdown
in the license sales system.

“We understand the frustration customers and license sales
vendors are experiencing and we apologize for the inconvenience
this has caused,” said Roy Elicker, ODFW director. “We are dealing
with a system problem that has slowed down service, and we are
working around the clock with our vendor, Outdoor Central, to get
the problem fixed.”

Typically every year, May 15 is the controlled hunt deadline. On
May 12, ODFW extended the deadline to May 19 due to a slowdown in
the license sales system believed to be caused by the high volume
of sales activity in the days leading up to the deadline. The
system continues to be slow so ODFW is extending the deadline

To ease the long lines, ODFW is making mail/fax order controlled
hunt applications available at all ODFW offices and license sales
locations. The application is also available on page 15 of the 2009
Oregon Big Game Regulations.  Individuals can also download the
application from the ODFW website.  It’s called 2009 Big Game Mail
Order Application Form under Licenses and Fees section of Web

Hunters can fill out the application and either drop it off at
an ODFW office; mail it to ODFW Licensing, 3406 Cherry Ave. NE,
Salem, OR 97303; or fax it to 503 947-6117/6113. Mailed
applications must be postmarked by June 1; dropped-off applications
given to an ODFW office by close-of-business or 5 p.m. on June 1;
and faxed applications received by 11:59 p.m. PT June 1. 

Hunters are also encouraged to apply for controlled hunts
online. Online sales are not experiencing the slowness that sales
at license agents are, especially when done early in the morning or
later in the evening.

Hunters need to purchase a hunting license and obtain a
Hunter/Angler ID number before they can apply for a controlled
hunt, but the license purchase can be made simultaneously.
Hunter/Angler ID numbers stay the same from year to year, so even
if you have not yet purchased a 2009 hunting license, you can write
in your past ID number on your application.

The deadline extension will also delay the controlled hunt draw
and results notification. The draw will occur by June 15 instead of
June 5 and hunters will be mailed results notification no later
than July 1, rather than by June 20. Draw results are usually made
available online at the same time that notification postcards
mailed. Any leftover controlled hunt tags will go on sale July 15
at 10 a.m. PT rather than July 1.

“We recognize these delays may impact planning for the fall
hunts and we apologize again for any inconvenience,” said

Some of Oregon’s big game hunts are limited entry, including
almost all rifle hunting of deer and elk east of the Cascades and
pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, and Rocky Mountain goat hunts. 
These hunts require a controlled hunt application.

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