Limbaugh supports HSUS?

My long-time friend in conservation Mike Sidders alerted me this
afternoon to a baffling story involving radio blowhard Rush
Limbaugh. The long and short of it: Limbaugh has cut public service
announcements supporting the Humane Society of the United States.
For details, click the link here,
or Google “Limbaugh HSUS” and see a boatload of hits regarding the
story. It appears to be legit. Today, HSUS President and CEO Wayne
Pacelle delivered a particularly nauseating and gushing blog called
“Reaching Across the Aisle for Animals” where he commends Limbaugh
for the support.

Independent bloggers around the country are sounding off –
hard-core lefties in euphoric, befuddled support, and hard-core
righties just plain befuddled. This middle-of-the-road scribe, who
can’t tolerate HSUS’s opposition to hunting, or Limbaugh’s regular
mockery of mainstream environmental conservation, finds the whole
thing sadly amusing – like two rabid dogs chasing each other into
I-35 rush hour traffic.

Most people seem to believe that Limbaugh doesn’t know the
difference between the wealthy, anti-hunting HSUS and local animal
shelters, which indeed perform important work. I’m not so sure.
Limbaugh’s been around the game for a while. Surely he knows the
broader goals of HSUS. If he doesn’t, then perhaps he’s insulated
himself with too many handlers these days.

Mike’s disgust with Limbaugh’s decision to endorse HSUS mirrors
my own. Check out his blog comments here at

And if you’d like to comment on Limbaugh’s decision to support
HSUS, email him yourself. Here’s his public email address from his

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