Helena completes second round of deer culling

Helena, Mont. (AP) – Helena police participating in a program to
cull the city’s urban deer population have reached their 150-animal
quota with the killing of five mule deer earlier this week.

Police Chief Troy McGee said officers trapped seven deer Monday.
Two were released and the rest were killed and processed. The meat,
like thousands of pounds of venison processed in the fall and
winter, will be sent to a food bank.

In January, the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission
unanimously extended and expanded a pilot project in which 50 deer
were killed late last year. Some of Helena’s 30,000 residents like
the animals’ presence but others complain about property damage,
traffic obstruction and risk to people and pets.

The second project allowed police to take 50 deer in each of
three geographic districts – on the upper- and lower-west sides of
town and in central Helena. Officers trapped and killed 103 does
and 47 bucks in 43 days.

City Manager Tim Burton said officials will report to city
commissioners, who will decide whether to move forward with
additional projects. The city will have to get FWP approval if
commissioners want to continue the program.

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