On-Air with Ron Schara this Saturday

Minnesota Bound’s Ron Schara called and interviewed me this
morning for a news segment that will appear on his WCCO Radio show
Saturday morning. We chatted briefly about what’s cooking in the
state Legislature this spring. Despite a $5 billion budget deficit,
legislators still find time for bills on fish hatcheries, pike
slots limits, dove hunting, or live coyote transport.

My personal favorite is a bill, brought forth by Republicans in
the state House and Senate, to repeal the dedicated funding
amendment. Joe Albert named the not-so-magnificent seven authors in
his column in this week’s Outdoor News. My own state Sen. David
Hann, R-Eden Prairie, is lead author on the bill in the Senate.
You’d better believe he’ll be receiving a letter from this angry

Schara and I also chatted about Outdoor News and the greater
outdoors media. I was hired here almost exactly 12 years ago, while
Red River Valley floods were causing the incredible damage to Grand
Forks, N.D. Today, the Red’s potentially record high crest in Fargo
dominates the nation’s headlines.

Catch Schara’s Minnesota Outdoors broadcast at 5:30 a.m. this
Saturday on WCCO Radio AM-830. He asked me to join him for another
news update in few weeks.

Missing mug shot

Every two years, myself and the news staff at Outdoor
News purchase the “Congress at Your Fingertips” guide
from Virgina-based Capitol Publishing. The handy guide provides
names, addresses, and phone numbers for members of the U.S.
Congress as well as their staff. It also contains some limited
general information on state demographics as well as legislatures
and governors. All in all, it’s useful in the news business where
we’re trying to track down government VIPs – often on short,
deadline-driven notice. After two years, the 4- by 8-inch book is
pretty dog-eared and beat up, and we’re happy to see the new ones

Normally, I wouldn’t waste blogging space on such trivial
“inside baseball” details, but I did a double-take at Page 82 of
the new edition, which shows a big blank square where one of our
Minnesota senator’s lovely mugs should be smiling. It reads:
“Vacant. This Minnesota Senate office is closed pending the outcome
of the election between Norm Coleman and Al Franken.”

We’re into our fifth month since the election. Anyone else
praying it will end soon, like immediately?!

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