Visiting brother, enjoying Atlantic Coast of North Carolina

Spent several days last week along the Atlantic Coast of North
Carolina while visiting my brother. He’s a Marine Corps pilot and
officer at Camp LeJeune and bound for Afghanistan next month.
Though I’ve spent a fair amount of time along both coasts, this was
my first visit to the Carolinas, and their famed Outer Banks.

The marine and fishing industries, though both suffering from
the difficult economy, have a massive presence in the area. You
couldn’t swing a dead cat (I tried) without hitting a boat dealer
or a fishing shack.

Also saw a surprising amount of wildlife given the incredible
amount of development and human impact on the landscape along the
coast. Perhaps we benefited from timing our trip during the
migration, but I saw loons, waterfowl like ducks and geese, and
shorebirds galore. Also, for the first time in my life, I saw wild
bottlenose dolphins – lots of them. They were chasing fish in the
shallows, especially during the early part of the day. One couldn’t
have been more than 25 yards off shore, following the last set of
waves just before it broke into the shoreline. Flocks of gulls
often followed them, presumably to capture fish that the marine
mammals drove to the surface.

Upon arriving home Sunday night, I marveled at flocks of geese
and ducks cruising a completely different ecosystem here in
Minnesota. We live in quite a time when we can watched dolphins
cruising the surface in the morning and Midwestern waterfowl
searching for freshly melted ponds before the sun sets on the same

Hoping to return a year from now with my entire family to travel
further up the coast to enjoy the national seashore areas of Cape
Hatteras and points north.

Finally, as the brother of a Marine, I’d ask Outdoor News
readers to keep all our men and women in uniform in their

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